Deadly Lust by Lady_Sesshoumaru

Deadly Lust

"No!! Please stop!!"

It was too late. His blood beast had taken over and now she was going to have to accept her fate or face his beast's wrath. She pushed at him trying to get him to release her, but her efforts proved to be fruitless. His grip was too tight.

"Let me go, Inuyasha!!"

Upon hearing his name, Inuyasha growled. This bitch did not know when to shut up. He pushed her to the ground hard and began to rip her clothes off as she struggled against him. Inuyasha knew that this was not right, but because of his lust, he ignored his rational side. There was no stopping him now...

Cries from beneath him made him look into Kagome's eyes. Those tears that she shed made him want to hurt her, to make her scream louder. He enjoyed seeing her cry, and he wanted to see more, but he never expected to get carried away...

Inuyasha began dragging his sharp nails along her delicate pale flesh. "You are mine now," he growled out to her as she gasped in pain. 'Please, no more pain,' she thought to herself. Kagome was naked beneath him and he howled at the sight of her naked form, his lust uncontrolable. 'She will be mine!! No one else shall have her!'


Inuyasha looked down into her pained eyes and couldn't stand them looking back at him. He wanted them to look away. He wanted them to close for good, so he gripped her throat in one hand and her hands in the other. Kagome began to struggle again when she realized what he was about to do. She cried, but did not even open her mouth to scream because she knew that it was too late to scream for help. No one would come for her now, and even if they did, they wouldn't make it in time. Kagome knew her life was now over.

To her growing surprise and terror, Inuyasha tore off his own clothes, and revealed to her his enlarged cock. Her eyes widened once again. He was going to rape her while he killed her. Before Kagome could even think to move away, a pain shot straight through her body, and she cried out. Inuyasha had buried himself deep inside of her, breaking her virgin barrier.

He did not even bother to let Kagome adjust to his size as he started to pound into her. Tears filled her eyes again as she felt like she was being torn in two. Her first time was supposed to be special, not taken from her by force, but he continued on. With each thrust, his strong grip on her neck tightened even more. 'The pain... It's going away... I won't hurt anymore... Sesshomaru, my love... goodbye,' Kagome thought to herself as the world began to turn black. By the time that he began to climax, Kagome had slipped into eternal sleep. Inuyasha only noticed this after he gained control over his body again.

Once he realized that beneath him lay the now limp and lifeless body of Kagome, he growled at himself and cried silently. 'What have I done, Kagome? I'm so sorry...,' Inuyasha whispered in his mind. "Kagome, may my life be the price I have to pay to return you to the living." With his mind made up, he withdrew Tetsusaiga from its sheath and pierced himself in the heart, effectively killing himself for not being able to control his blood beast.

--Not To Far Away--

Sesshomaru walked into a clearing where he could smell fresh blood. It was not just anyone's blood, but that of his half-brother, Inuyasha. He slowly walked up to the limp forms on the ground. Inuyasha lay on his side from obvious suicide. The other figure made his breath catch in his throat. "It can't be," he whispered quietly to himself..." But he knew that it was. It was her. Kagome. He had indeed fallen in love with the little miko over the time he had come to know her.

A growl vibrated from within his chest. 'I shall use Tenseiga to save her... She cannot die believing that I hate her... I must tell her that I love her...' With that last thought in mind, Tenseiga pulsed and came to life at his side. He grasped the sword firmly in his hand and watched as the spirits appeared. He swiftly destroyed them. Moments passed, and he had almost given up hope when...


His eyes widened as she sat up slowly. "Kagome..." he breathed out, "You have come back to me..."

Her uncertain voice called out for him, "Sesshomaru?"

Kagome did indeed live again. Sesshomaru sat beside her and pulled her into his lap and whispered into her ear, "It's ok Kagome. I'm here now, and no one can harm you ever again. I shall protect you from now on." With that Kagome curled up in his lap and cried. She had never thought such a thing would ever happen to her, but it had, and Inuyasha was dead now. She looked up at Sesshomaru again. They would have many adventures together she was sure of it, but that would be something to tell another day.

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