I do both Jay and Jane... by perfectkillingmiko

Chapter One

'I'm gay right?'

'I have a girlfriend. I eat pussy and I quite enjoy it. That feeling of a tight twat cleanching around my fingers is so....nice. The soft curly hair tickling my nose while I suck and rub a hard clit.' The musky/sweet taste of juices flowing from her girlfriend sent Kagome over the edge many times.

'So then why do I have a cock pumping in my


She made a very lady like"Nuggg!" when the male bent over her and pinched her nipple. He was rough with her breast along with the the rest of her body. He was master. He was her master. This is something new to the 24 year old.

She had always been attracted to her bestfriend Sango. When they would hang out she end the night playing with herself to the thoughts of eating out Sango.

Her fingers, slick with cum would find their way into her mouth after her orgasm. Kagome licked her fingers dry and wished some day be her bestfriend.

After a year of playing with herself with those thoughts, Kagome could take it no more. She had to taste that beautiful woman. Sango had long, thick brown hair that reached her round, firm ass. Big brown eyes that matched her hair.

Sango had a boyfriend that she always beat because of his wondering hand. He would take the hits with love because he loved her. Very much.

He wore his short, black hair in a low pony tail and had hansome features with almost violet eyes. 'Miroku' Kagome thought with a sigh.

Kagome never found him attractive. He was more like a brother. A very perverted brother. A very perverted brother who was about to get hit again.

Kagome watched the two play fight in her kitchen. Slapping and pinching each other in front of her. They never knew she had a crush on Sango for almost two years. 'Tonight I will tell Sango' She thought to herself. 'This is the is the house that I will tell her that I wanted, no craved her.'

The night ended with Miroku saying his goodbyes to the females and kisssing Sango on the temple. Sango was spending the night again. She did that often when her dad was home. He was a drunk that would beat her but never touch her brother. For that she was thankful. Sango could take the beatings as long as her little brother was safe. That is another thing Kagome found so beautiful about Sango.

Soon the two ladies found their way up to Kagomes bedroom getting ready for bed. They had been friends for a little over 10 years so they weren't afraid to be nude in front of each other. Kagome stared at the beauty before her. Hard body but soft in the right places. Medium breast looking at her. Though her nipples were not erect, Kagome could see that they would change a nice honey color. Sun kissed skin all over, not a tan line in sight.

Letting her eyes roam her form, Kagome found she couldn't turn away from the small patch of dark brown curls between Sangos thighs. She wanted to reach down a feel the soft folds. And that was just what her body was doing. Sango let out a little gasp at the contact but didn't pull away. Kagome wraped her arms around her bestfriend and Sango relaxed in the embrace. Kagomes lips brushed over Sangos. Sango moaned as Kagome claimed her lips in a kiss that held so mush passion and frustration.

They made love twice that night and have been together for a year. Miroku doesn't know. Kagome wants to tell him but Sango doesn't want to hurt him. They have been happy for that year. That is until HE came along.

Kagome was sitting in a cafe waiting on Sango to join her when the bells to the door jingled and she looked up, hoping it was her girlfriend, but looked down when it was only a man. She 'Hurrmphed' and the tall man with white hair looked down at the tiny woman that could care less if he was there. 'This is new' he thought. 'I can smell every female spike in arousel when I walked in, but not from her.' He decided to watch this little female.

He watched as another female joined her awhile later. 'They greet each other as if the were lovers.' He thought as he watched the two. He could everything they were saying and listened very closely. He figured that the brown haired one was named Sango and the other was Kagome. 'Black/blue hair and blue eyes. She will do' He thought as he watched the one called Sango get up a leave. A sly grin found it's way onto his thin lips,causing a fang to poke out, as he made his way to the little slip of a girl.

Yes, she was still a girl in his eyes. He has at least 600 years on her. yes, he was a demon. Not that uncommon in this time. He has done and seen it all yet he was still bored. Sesshoumaru was his name and conquest was his game. He lived to rule, he decided to rule her.

She would not be his greatest conquest but she is something to do to pass the time. He made his way across the cafe to his prey. She most have felt him coming becase she raised her head and looked around. Her eyes found him stalking to her. His body moving so beauitfully. She took in his tall form and golden eyes trained on her. Kagome became uncomfortable under his gaze and made a move to get up but he sliped in the booth before she could get out.

He made himself comfortable, bringing his leg up to rest in the booth, grazing her left leg. She looked down at his leg and watched his hand makes it's way to his knee and spread out so the tips of his fingers were touching her thigh. She fought off a shiver at the contact. 'Whats wrong with me?' She thought.

He could see the conflict in her eyes. She wanted him but didn't know it. He would make her beg for his touch. He looked over her form and a grin graced his features. She was petite, but not to tiny. She had the right curves in all the right places. Her breast were full and firm. Her lips formed a small pout.'Pink, soon the will be red'. With that in mind he reach his fingers down and began to message her inner thigh. Kagome sucked her breath between her teeth at the contact. Her eyes shut when he moved his large hand up.

He never did this before. Never with a human but there was something about this human that drove him on. He watched as she closed her eyes to his touch. He could feel her wetness through her jeans. She was already ready for him! He smirked at this new information but he could feel a slight pain in his groin. Sesshoumaru looked down and stared in shock. He was rock hard and he had yet to do anything! This was very new. 'Maybe I will keep this one for awhile.' He thought .

Her hands reached down between her thighs to keep him from leaving when she felt hot breath on her ear. He whispered in her ear "I know you are untouched. I want you the same way you want me. Will you come with me? Will you deny your body mine?" She opened her eyes to look into his and nodded. She was never one to deny her body anything and it wanted him. 'Strange' she thought as he sliped out of the booth and brought her out into the sunlight.

The two soon-to-be lovers made their into the rays of the sun and to Sesshomarus silver BMU. He was holding her tight as if she would disappear suddenly. His hand placed itself on Kagomes lower back to push her along. He spread out his fingers to touch more of her body but found that it was not enough. He had to feel her skin. Her breath hitched as he slid his large hand under her shirt and spread his hand out once more. Her skin was hot and silky. He could hardly keep the groan inside his chest as her tiny hand made its way to his upper thigh.

Kagome couldn't believe how much her body wanted this man...demon...whatever. He made her panties wet and her heart beat so fast. His touch set her skin aflame with the slightest touch. She never felt this to anyone. Not even her girlfriend,Sango. She dashed that thought out as soon as it reared its ugly head and focused on the thigh she rubbing.

He was toned and his skin stretch over tight muscles and she could feel them jump as her hand gripped his upper thigh. Her hand made its way up when they reached his car. She let out a small sigh as he removed his hand from her back. "Are you sure you want me?" Sesshomaru asked as he leaned down to whisper in her ear. He heard the little gasp when he traced his long tongue down to her ear lobe. He nippled on it as she moaned "Yes".

He removed himself, disappointedly, away for her and opened her door. She slid into the car and pulled her legs up as he closed the door. She watched him round the car gracfully and get in. She let a small smile escape when she felt his hand come to rest on her thigh. She looked around in the car when he started the enginer. 'All silver' she thought with a smile. ' It suits him'

His thumb made little circles on the top of her thigh and he looked up when he heard a small moan. Kagome had her eyes closed and her head leaned back. Sesshomarus eyes wandered down her face to her exposed neck, down to her heaving chest and at last his eyes fell upon his hand making its way to her secret place.

She could feel his eyes on her. She tried to open her eyes but the pleasure he was bringing kept her eyes tightly shut. When he stared making circles at her apex between her thighs she heard his silken voice "What are you thinking, little one?" Her eyes opened slowly to look down at his large, clawed hand in between her legs then look up to his eyes. Kagomes eyes were glazed over and she said "Why me?".

Sesshomaru looked back at the road as he made his way onto the highway and questioned "Why did I choose you or why did our bodies choose each other?" Kagome never thought of that. Why was her body reacting this way to a male. To a very strong male. A male who now had his hand un-zipping her pants.

She looked out the window when she answered "I have a girlfriend I love but I can't deny you. My body wants you but...." She trailed off when his hand made it past her white panties. "Your mind is saying no?" he asked, pausing in his exploration. She flew her hand to his. She didn't want him to stop, ever. "No! No it isn't like that. Sango keeps our love a secret. She has kept it secret for a year now. It makes me feel...." she trailed off again, but he continued her statement "un-loved?" She looked up to his face but it was on the road and his jaw was tight. "A little." she said low. Kagome bowed her head and looked at his hand once more. When he started making little circles again, she let out a sigh.

His mind was running a mile a minute with this new information. 'So, she is single. Well, not really but...' Before he could stop himself "Do you consider yourself single?" he asked without wanting to. She answered with a slight nod. He could see tears rim her eyes. "Good." Kagome looked up at him. He had a slight smirk on his face and he turned to her "I would not want to break up a happy home" She smiled at him and felt his fingers make long strokes on her lips. "I'm sure you have done that a couple of times" she teased.

The city seemed to fall away as the two made thier way to the country. He drove fast but safe, taking sharp turns with ease. The buildings disappeared and in there place were houses surrounded by lush forests and bright greenery. Her shut when he dipped a long finger into her. Sesshomaru felt her tighten round his finger and let out a sigh.

He stopped his finger when he felt a small hand find it's way to his lap. He looked down to see that small hand un-button his zipper and reach in. He let out a groan when she gripped him. He looked over at Kagometo find her breathing hard and eyes shut tight. She started moving her hand up and down his impressive shaft in tune with his strokes. She couldn't get her hand around the whole thing so she worked what she could. Her tiny hand stroked up then slowly down. She wanted to look at him but was scared of what she would see. She has never seen a demons manhood before. What if it was deformed or a gross color? Sesshomaru seemed to know her every thought and could feel her uncertainty and said "Look at me."

She did as told and looked at his face. "Look at all of me, little one." She nodded and roamed his body. He enjoyed the wave of emotion cross her face when she looked upon him. She looked shocked then aroused. He could tell she enjoyed what she saw but he never expected her to show her enjoyment so soon when she un-fastened her seat belt and leanedover to take him into her hot mouth.

His breathe hitched went he felt her tongue dart out to taste him. He removed his hand from her legs to wrap his wet fingers in her thick hair. She began to bob her head as she tried to take more of him. He could feel teeth scrap his long shaft and let out a growl. She stopped her movement and tried to get up but he held her there. "No, you did nothing wrong" he said to comfort her. He could feel her smile against the engorged head then take him back in her mouth. She worked his shaft by turning her head when she went down and the other way as she came up. Kagomes hands found his heavy sac and began fondling them. The moaning coming from above her only encourged more. She brought her other hand into play and started stroking what she could not take. She gripped him tight and moved her hand in the opposite direction of her head when she went up and down.

When she started using her other hand he thought he would loose it right there. She was making so much friction with all she was doing. And add the teeth and her other hand on his sac, he was so close. He could feel her moaning in her throat as it vibrated his shaft. He reached down with the same hand that had pleased her and found her spot once more. Her vibration got harder when he started rubbing her hidden nub. Sesshomaru worked her jewel and found her entrace soaked. He plunged two fingers into her tight sheath when she scraped her teeth down his sword.

His mind was so focus on the tiny woman between his legs that he never realize that they were now parked outside his small cottage. 'Oh well. At least we are not on the road' he thought when he opened his eyes for a second to look at the bobbing head of black hair. He closed them again at went to work on giving her as much pleasure as she was giving him.

He worked his thumb on her swollen nub and plunged his two fingers inside her. He could feel her pase quicken and her walls close in around his fingers. Soon she would climax and he wanted to be there with her so he asked "Will you swallow my seed? Will you taste all of me?" With her loud moan he took as a yes he sped up his allredy maddening fingers. He relaxed his back only to tighten again as he felt her climax. Her juices flowed out of her onto his hand and he soon followed her into the sky.

They both went stiff as they came together in the driveway of his private house.

He could feel her drinking up every drop of his seed as he pumped it into her mouth. He has never had an orgasm this powerful before. His entire body shook with the waves of pleasure this little human gave him. In the back of his mind his beast whined to keep this human. 'But it has never asked for anything' Sesshomaru thought as the last wave hit him when Kagome cleaned him up with her tongue. He looked down as she raised her head to look into his eyes. She still had some of his cream on her chin and he wiped it off with his thumb and placed it in front of her. She smiled as she took the offered finger in her mouth and sucked it dry.

He looked on as she slid back in her seat and looked around. She ajusted her pants and placed her hand on the door handle only to have a larger hand stop her. "I will get your door." He said in a matter-of-fact way. She smiled and nodded. She watched him put his semi-erect penis back into his pants and zip up. He got out of the car and made his way to her side. He opened the door and she got out. He towered over her by almost two feet. He wrapped his arm around her waist and made thier way inside.

Sesshomaru and Kagome walked hand in hand up to his private home. Kagome was wondering about the man..demon..whatever who held her hand. 'Why would he choose me? Why don't I feel bad about doing this?' Those were some of the thoughts running through her head as she stepped in his home. But they soon vanished as she took in her surroundings.

His house was full of dark wood and thick curtains. She could see beauitful rugs overlapping each other in a chaotic pattern. There was hardly any light coming in through the heavy draps. She could also see that the kitchen stood to the left and she asssumed that the bedrooms were down the right side hallway. There was also a hugh window that was easy 15 feet long by 7 feet high center to the livingroom. She could see a lake surrounded by lush green forest that stood as his backyard.

Sesshomaru took in her form as she prased his home. She stood to his lower chest. Tiny hands, so different from his own, reached out to touch his black leather couch. She ran her fingers along the cold leather and he could see when they would dip into the curve of the couch. He traveled up to her arm, to the bend of her elbow. Still his eyes went up to the swell of her chest. He could see the slight rise and fall of her breath. His attention went up more to the curve of her neck. He could see her pulse beating faster and started to wonder what had her frightened so. He raised his golden eyes to her beauitful blue ones only to be looking straight into her ocean eyes.

She stared at him as he looked over her upper body. He started at her hand but as he worked his way up she could feel heat form where his gaze went. It was like he touched her with his eyes.

He cleared as suddenly dry throat and asked "Would you like a drink?" Kagome looked down and answered with a shy "Yes". He nodded and made his way to the left part of the house. She looked up as he walked away feeling like a school girl with her first crush.

Kagome made her way to the mantle over the fireplace. She raised her hand to a picture with two young boys in to. They both had white hair and one hand dog ears on his head. Both had the peircing golden eyes. She was sure one was Sesshomaru, but the other one? 'Could he have a son?' She wondered as she heard him enter the room. As if a could read her thoughts, he answered her un-asked question; "That is my half-brother, Inuyasha." She turned around not realizing he was that close.

"I am sorry. I did not mean to startle you." He said in a voice that sounded like concern. She nodded and let go of her shirt at her chest. 'He is a quiet one' She thought when she took the offered glass of red wine. "Where is he?" She asked after taking a sip. "He is running the branch of my fathers company in the United States with his wife, Kikyou." She nodded at his answer and asked another "What do you do, Sesshomaru?". He looked down at her lips as she said his name. He could kiss those lips all day. And the way it rolled off her tongue sent shives up his spine. He cleared his throat again before answering "I run the business here. My father started a investment firm when he was young and it is now world wide. He build it from the ground up." She looked into his eyed as he spoke and all she could think about was how he tasted.

He saw the look of lust in her eyes as he spoke. She wanted him again and he wanted her. He could feel his body thighten with the thought of being inside her for the first time. The feel of her walls thighten around his manhood as she climax screaming his name. As soon as those thoughts came into his head, he was making them happen.

He crushed his lips to hers and lifted her up. She wraped her legs around his waist when he slammed her against the wall. Her hands gripped his hair and pulled. He let out a growl at the mix of pain and pleasure and his lips made there way to her neck. He nipped just hard enough to draw a little blood and licked it up. She threw her head back when she felt him break her skin. A moan escaped her as his hand gripped her ass with extended claws.

He ripped her jeans off and threw them into the lamp that sat on the side table. The lamp crashed to the floor and Kagome let out a "eep!" when she heard the crash. Both lovers stopped and looked into each others eyes and then turned to the shatered lamp. It lay in a pile of rubble with pieces scattered on the couch. Kagome couldn't help but let out a lady-like snort/laugh when she looked at his face. He looked so annoyed at the lamp. "Are you mad at the lamp or yourself for throwing my pants into the lamp?" She giggled out. He turned to her fully and shrugged it off.

Sesshomaru lowered her to the ground and pulled her to the right of the house. They entered a large bathroom that was the complete opposite of the livingroom. This room was all white and bright. He lead her it sit on the on the counter and she complied. She hopped up and watched as he made walked over to the large glass shower. He leaned in and turned it on. He tested the water and as soon as he had it at a good tempature, he turned to her. She had a dear-in-headlights look, which he found very endearing. He would never tire of her expressions. She was so expressive while he was not.

Sesshomaru made his way to her and began un-buttoning her shirt. She made to protest but her hands were shooed away. She instead watched as he stripped her of her shirt and slide it off her shoulders. He drank up every inch of skin and it made her slightly uncomfortable. She moved her hands to cover herself when he removed her bra. "Please, do not hide from me, Kagome." He almost pleaded. She looked up to his eyes and only saw care in them so she dropped her hands.

He looked at her hardening pink peaks as they hit the slightly cold air in the room. The skin around the mounds flushed with goosebumps and that only made the nipple harden further. He bent down to take a hard bud in his mouth and she arched into his mouth. She could feel him roll the bud in his mouth. His rough tongue made quick work of her right mound and switched to the other. He wrapped his right arm around her waist to pull her closer as he nipped at her breast. Her hands found there way once again to his hair and pulled him closer. She wanted to feel all of him so she slide to the edge of the counter and grinded her core against him. He let out a groan went he felt her heat.

He had to pull away or he would have to take her right here on the counter. That is not what he has in mind. He wanted to be in water when he finally took her. For some reason he wanted her in water. That was strange but he shoved that thought away for the future. Pulling away, he heard her give a little protest but let her hold on him slack. Her breathing was heavy and eyes were heavy. He took in her body once more before he turned away.

She watched as he un-dressed front of her like he hadn't a care in the world. 'He is perfect! Not an inch of fat and muscles are tight' She slightly thanked any God up there for this gift of a man. His long hair hung to his knees and swayed almost of there of there own will. His arms twitched under her gaze and that brought her eyes up to his. She could see a slight smirk begin to form but it never made to full bloom because he said "Come to me, little one" while holding out a clawed hand.

Kagome took in his body once more and stepped forward. She craved this man. The taste alone was enough to drive her wild. He had a musky/sweet taste to him, if thats even possible. He played her body and mind. He could tickle her thoughts and clit all at once. 'Talented' she thought as she stepped into the oversized shower.

Sesshoumaru could feel her eyes on him. He wanted to ask many questions of her. Were did she grow up? Who was her first heartbreak? Her first kiss? But he decided on a easy one: "What is your career?" he asked. She tore her eyes away from his chisled chest to answer him. "I am a teacher part time while I get my MD." He traced tiny circles on her side as he said "Hn".

She knew there was water running and it was hot but it couldn't compare to the heat of the pattern he was making, slowly, up her side. Kagome leaned her forhead against his chest and exhaled slowly. He kept running his large hands over her skin, like only he could smooth out all the imperfections, only his touch would soothe away the tension of life but she knew what she was doing was wrong. At least in other peoples eyes it is. She was tought that cheating is wrong. She would never have thought that is would be a cheater. Kagome tenced at that thought.

Sesshoumaru felt her tighten. "What is it?" he asked in a low tone. She thought that he would refuse her if he knew where her thoughts went so she lied "Nothing. The water's kinda hot." she answered shyly. She could feel his chest rumble and his hand gripped her chin. He brought her eyes to meet his and she knew he didn't believe her. The look seemed hurt with a dash of curious. He turned the shower head away as she answered his un-asked question. "I'm sorry. I was just thinking about Sango and what this might do to her" She lowered her eyes again. He brought her eyes back up to his "What would she do?" he asked. "Well she would break up with me and I don't want to lose my bestfriend and.." Kagome rambled off when she saw the look in his eyes. "That is not what I ment. How does she touch you? Is it rough?" When he said that, his hands tightened around her arms and slamed her against the shower wall. Kagome let out the breath of air that was froced up. "Or is it gentle?" He lowered his lips to her throat and sucked softly.

Sesshoumaru licked her throat and worked up to her ear. He sucked the small lobe as Kagome let out a little wimper. "Tell me" he whispered. "O-Okay. She is a mix of both and she likes to keep eye contact. She told me once that she loves the looks on my face." Kagome said almost out of breath. Sesshoumaru raised his head to look into her eyes and asked "What else?". He could see her trying to form thoughts as his hands made small patterns down her stomach. "Her hands are always moving and she scratchs me." As she spoke, he did whatever she said. "Umm, she plays with my clit first, ahhh, and as soon as I'm wet enough..." Sesshoumaru plunged two fingers deep in her. "She does that?" He asked. Kagome could only nod. He played with her clit with his thumb while the other two pumped her.

"She also plays with my.." As soon as those words came out, he was sucking her hard nipple. He rolled it around, sucking, biting. He let on of his fangs graze the dark pink skin round her nipple. When he did that, Kagome exploded. He could feel her tighten around his fingers again and again. Her tiny hands gripped his hair. He was pumping her so hard that he didn't realize that he had her raised off the ground.

She moved her hips to match his fingers. Kagome couldn't feel the floor anymore, or anything for that matter. All that exsisted were her, him and those wonderful fingers. The waves of her orgasm hit her so hard that she thought she might break his fingers off if she squeezed any thighter. Again and again the shivers hit her, then she felt a arm wrap around her back. She looked down to see her lover, nipple in mouth, holding her in place.

The waves calmed to tiny sparks and Kagome was lowered to the ground. Sesshoumaru removed his fingers, and with a sick grin plastered to his face, placed those fingers in his mouth. 'Like honey' he thought as he looked into her eyes as he did so. He strightened up and felt his own painfull erection. She followed his eyes and was met with his monster again, but this time it looked like it was going to eat her. The head was purple and dripping. She could see every vein and it twitched like it was ready for it's meal. "Now, little one, I will show you how I like it. Turn around."

Kagome had a deer in head lights look when he told her to turn around. She turned, slowly, to face the wall. Her hands came up as she lowered slightly. She could feel the head of his hard rod poking her lower back when she did this. She could also feel his hand on her back pushing her lower while his other hand held her by the hip to guide her.

Sesshoumaru watched as she lowered herself. He watched the water beed then fall down her arm. He looked at his hand fanned out on her back. Then his golden eyes looked at her hair. He watched as the water dripped from the ends as he bent his knees to get a better position. He scraped his claws on her back as he came back up, leaving small red lines on her.

Both of their breathing stopped went his slightly purple head of his cock came in contact with her heated core. He rubbed his tool up and down her slick entrance and he was rewarded with a moan. She backed up a little to encourge him but was met with a low growl. He tightened his grip on her hip to still her movements. She could feel the prickles of claws on her hip.

Sesshoumaru leaned down to her ear and whispered "You will enjoy this but you must trust me. Do you trust me, little one?" All she could form was a "uh-huh" because his movement brought his cock to almost pressing into her. She could feel the large head twitching as he moved back into his standing position. She moaned a disappointed moan at the loss of contact when his tool left her completely. But the loss was short lived because he came back and slammed into her to the hilt.

Sesshoumaru stilled within her as he heard her screm. He could feel the vibration of her scream through his cock. He could also smell her tears. He bend down to comfort her but he only made it halfway with his 'loving' act when he felt her move back and moan. 'Rough. She likes rough" he though with a grin. So he started a slow pace to bring out the firecat he knew she could be.

He felt every inch of her channel as he pumped her. Sesshoumaru could feel her walls ripple around him. He was so fasinated with this feeling that he wanted to look down, so he did, and what he saw almost floored him. He could see her inner lips dip and rise over his vein filled shaft. When he re-entered her, the small lips disappeared. He could also see her puckered anus tighten when he slid back into her. Her arms clawed the shower wall when he quickened his pace.

Kagome thought he would rip her in two when he slammed into her. He hit spots she never knew she had. She could feel him, slowly, start to move after she let him know she was alright. He moved at such a maddening pace she thought she would die from the pleasure of it all. She tried to find something to claw at when he started going faster.

Sesshoumaru held onto her hips and went faster and faster. He wanted her to scream his name. He felt her walls tighten around him and her arms stated to shake. He could tell she would fall soon so he lowered her and himself, with out missing a beat, to the shower floor. She straddled him backward cowgirl style. His legs were slightly bent at the knees because he was too long for the shower but the small space gave him enough leverage to pound her.

Kagome threw her head back as he started to plunder her depths. She watched as his legs, hairless and strong, pushed against the shower wall to pound into her. She got a naughty idea and moved to make it happen. Kagome grabbed his other hand and placed it on her other hip as she leaned forward. She wanted to see him, fully, inside her. When she bent down she saw his sac rise and fall and his cock sliding in and out of her welcoming heat. This sight sent her right over the edge. She could hear him groan as her wave hit her. It started at her center and worked it's way out. She could feel her toes curl and herself tighten around him. Kagome let out a scream laced with his name.

When she screamed his named and tightened around him, all he could do was hold on. She started glowing a light pink and it washed over him like a wave of pure oxogen. He thought he just died when her wave recieded and his own started. His orgasm was dark red in color. He opened his eyes to watch it lick at her skin. He saw it crash on her soft, white skin. It moved her forward with each hit and he could feel her tighten once more as another orgasm hit her hard. She raised up and slammed back on him with such force that she thought he would move all her insides two inches to the left. He filled her with his seed almost to capisity. She could feel some of it burn a path down her inner thigh.

All to soon, both of their bodies slowed in there shaking and their lungs got much needed air. Kagome leaned her head on her arm on the shower wall to catch her breath. She could hear Sesshoumarus breathing slow. He tightened his hold on her hips before he let her go. She stretched out her legs to get her blood flowing. She raised up and felt the rest of his cum slide down her legs. Slightly embarresed, she turned her reddenng face away when he gently pulled it to him and whispered to her blue eyes " Do not be shy now. We have seen each other in the most compromising positions" He finished with a smile only ment for her.

As the two washed up, she asked him "What would you like to do now? I'm kinda hungry." He turned to her, captured her lips, released them, then said "I have always wanted to take a beautiful woman on the hood of my car" His golden eyes twinkled with stars at her shocked face.

She watched the man. demon, walk past her. She finshed the task of washing up. Kagome was sore, but it was the goog kind. The kind that her friends talked about but she never thought she would feel this good after. Sesshoumarus last comment stuck in her head. 'Hood of my car' She thought. The possiablities with that thought. That let her to think about Sango. 'I love her, right? We are in love, right? If so, then why was it so easy for me to do this?' She thought.

He could see the emotions fiddle across her face til it rested with unease. 'What had made ger regret so soon?' He thought as he came up behind her. He wrapped his strong arms around her and whipered "What is it, little one? What has you on edge?" His voice made her shiver. He put that informantion away for the future. She turned to face him and he knew what was tomenting her mind. She looked so defeated and ashamed, but it was not regret. She thought she did something wrong but it felt so very right and she was so very confused that it put tears in her lovely eyes.

All he could do was look into her pained eyes. 'If she will let me see, I will watch. It is only fair' he thought. "Why do I feel this now? Why not before?" she asked looking for answers he could not give. "I can not answer that question, Kagome. I do not know why we met or why we had sex. I can answer this though" He lowered his head til thet were eye level " I do know I want to keep you. I want to wake up next to you." He kissed her then. It was so emotional, Kagome lost her footing, but he was there to catch her.

She melted into his arms. He thoght she fit perfect into his hands, body and he fit in hers. They danced thier kiss. She moaned into his hungry mouth. He lifted her up and she wrapped her long legs around his slim waist. Kagome ground her heating center on him, and was met with a growl of desire for her efforts. Soon she could feel a light wind on her back as he moved them. "Where are you taking me?" She said, breaking the kiss. "Hn" was his reply. He moved through his house with ease, using his free hand to open doors but never removing his mouth from her neck or lips. Kagome soon felt a cooling of the air as he stepped through one last door. He walked a short distance then lowered her and turned her around. She came face to hood of his beautiful Benz.

'The garage' she thought with a naughty grin. She slowly turned her head to look at the man, demon, behind her. He had a grin on his face to match hers. He pushed her down to put her breasted on the hood. She moaned as she could feel his eagerness pressed into her backside. He lowered himself on his knees as he took in her bent over body. She was a sight to behold. Her rounded bottom slightly shined in the dim light. She had curves just where he wanted them. She had a slight swell to here where her legs met backside.

Kagomes legs slightly parted when he slide his large hand up her inner thigh. He kept his other hand on her back to kep her in place. She began to wiggle and moan when he cupped the apex to her thighs. Sesshoumaru places his thumb inside her as he worked her. She could feel his long fingers diddling her small spot while his thick thumb pumped her. Her juices started running down her leg when she felt his hot mouth and tongue replace his thumb. She threw her haed back and gave him a throaty moan that ended with his name. She tighted her hands into fists because she had nothing to grab. Her sweat started to run down her breasts. The small drops landed on the black car. She looked down at her reflection and could feel him licking and bitting.

He pumped his long tongue inside her as if he was fucking her. He looked up and saw her puckered anus. He could see that every time he hit a certain spot, it would squeeze. He had a wicked idea. Sesshoumaru licked away from her channel and up. Her breathe hitched as she figures out where he was going. She never done that before but all thoughts flitted away as she felt hit hot tongue kicked her. He circled her dark entrance as he still worked her jewel. He flattened his fleshy tool and licked over her. She let out a shaky breath and shook with the effort. 'She enjoyed this' he thought.

He soon left her puckered entrace with his mouth and replaced it with his finger. He still worked her small bundle of nerves while he pushed his index finger into her. She tenced up slightly while she felt this. He knew she was uncertain of this new position so he sought it make g\\her feel better. He bent over her stiff but still hot skin to whiper "Do not fear, I will not hurt you....much." She turned her head to look into his golden eyes and only saw lust. He would not hurt her on purpose. She ke\\new that but this was something new and so was slightly scared. "You must trust me and let your body go." She nodded and he slide in another finger. He was working her loose for a much bigger intrustion. Soon she started to move against his fingers. She could feel the skin start

to give under his fingers. She could still feel him on her clit but more of her focus went to her rear. The skin would stretch out as the fingers slide in but would tighten when he came out. He would wiggle his two fingers as they went deep. She could feel her coil start to tighten. Sesshoumaru knew she was close and wanted her there. He wanted her to cum before he entered her so she would be looser. As soon as the thought made it self known, she tightened, tences and let out the scream him came to crave. She arched her back, flew back her hair and clawed at his car. He watched as she rode the wave her caused. It was the most erotic thing he has ever seen. Her toes curled, legs tences, butt squeezed, back arched, shoulders slumped, arms fixed and mouth open.

He almost lost it when her anus squeezed his fingers. 'So very tight.' he thought. Soon her body lost its fight to stay upright. She slumped and breathed hard against the car. He removed his boxers he had put on after thier encounter in the shower. He did not give her time to recover as he spred her legs more and moved between them. He looked down her beautiful body and could not wait to be bury deep within her once more. He positioned himself at her entance once more and surged forth. Sesshoumaru filled her again and he let out a small hiss. He pumped inside a few times to get nice and slick for the other place he wanted to pound her. She let out a scream of pleasure when he rammed her. He pulled out and put his hand down to gather up some of her slickness

to slide over her other entrance. She felt him wipe her essence on her anus and wiggled with the thought of where he was going to take her. She could feel him press against her and his breathe hitched as the mushroom head slide in. This was the easy part. The next part would either break her or become something she craves, so he went slow.

He slide her down so her toes touched the floor so she had something to push on if it hurt to much. He leanded over her and asked "Should I continue? Do you wnat me to fill you? Do you want to feel all of me?" He almost wished she would stop him. He did not want her to do something only he might enjoy. As soon as he thought she would say stop, she pushed back, and he slide further inside. It was only about half an inch but it was enough to make them both moan. He wrapped his right arm around her small waist and the other he put on the car to steaty himself. She leaned forward and laid her head down. She turned her head to look at him and said the thing he wanted to hear and did not, "Take me, please. Fill me." With that he started to push into her tight passage. Inch by

hard inch he pushed forward. He could see her arms reach out and fingers scratch at anything. Her mouth parted in hard pants and her walls squeezed around him. He loved this feeling and sight. She welcomed him eagerly. Her body gave slowly as he pushed til he was bury to the hilt. He could feel her heart beat in his cock. He slowly, oh so slowly, pulled out til only half of him was still inside her. That is one of the things he learned after having different lovers, if you pull out all the way, it will hurt more. She felt him pull out and thought he did not want to do this but after he pulled out half way, but still filling her, he pushed back slowly.

Sesshoumaru started to pull out only to push back. The more he pushed, the looser she got and soon he was pushing harder. He knew she was enjoying herself but he wanted to feel her tighten around him as she came. So with that thought in mind, he pulled her up off the car, to his chest. He slide his arm down her front til he found her bundle of nerves. He flicked her nub as he pushed into her ass. She laid her head on his chest and let out a grunt. So very many feelings. She felt her legs start to give but he held her in place as his pase increased. All to soon he could feel her walls tighten around him. Her sounds got louder and louder. She shuddered against him as her wave once again made itself know. He rode her pleasure with her and tried to hold on. She shook and thrashed

around. He pinche her nipple hard to make her orgasm last. That seemed to do the trick because her thrashing renewed harder. "Please Sesshoumaru. Cum with me. Please!" That was all he needed. He slammed her down on the car and started to pound into her writhing body. A growl of dominance pored from him at the little female under him. "Oh Kami! Yes! Fuck me!" were her encourging words.

A sudden thought popped in her head.

'I'm gay right?'

'I have a girlfriend. I eat pussy and I quite enjoy it. That feeling of a tight twat cleanching around my fingers is so....nice. The soft curly hair tickling my nose while I suck and rub a hard clit.' The musky/sweet taste of juices flowing from her girlfriend sent Kagome over the edge many times.

'So then why do I have a cock pumping in my ass?'

But that thought was quickly chased away with the possesive growl above her. He pounded and pounded until she came hard again. He grabbed her hair harshly and turned her head for a bruising kiss. He shoved his tongue deep in her throat. He matched his pounding of his cock to the movements of his mouth. She was being fucked in every way. He suddenly went ridged above her. She could feel him filling her with his cream. She kept moving her hips as he rode his orgasm. His cock twitched inside her as she milked him. "Please stop or you will be walking funny for a week." He said to her as he opened his eyes to try a glare at her. It half way worked. "Sure" she replied with a grin. He felt her flex her inside muscles. They rippled around him and he pushed inside her again making her gasp.

"Sorry" she said breathlessly. He strated to pull out slowly. They both hissed as he finally was free of her tight passage. "Why did I smell slight fear in you? What did you think about?" He asked when he remembered. "Oh, I just thought I was gay. For the longest time I thought that." She answerd low. Almost thirty seconds when by with her head down. She bacame uncomfortable with the silence so she looked up. She did not know what to expect but the look on his face was not it.

He looked almost confused, but that was not it all. It was almost angry confused. "Why? Why that look?" she asked him. He answered as plain as he could "If you want, she can join us. I will sacifice and suffer for your enjoyment." A slight grin made it's way on his lips. She could not help the smile that lit up her face. She leaned in to give him a kiss and he said again "No, I mean it. If that will make you happy..."He was stopped with her tongue in his month.

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