I Hate Principles by dyinghappily

first meeting :chapter one

The morning sun brightened the young girls face. Kagome got up slowly, rubbing her eyes. Her blue hazel eyes opened and she stared at her alarm clock. She bent over and shut it off. It was morning and she was tired. Oh how she hated school and she wish she could go back to the feudal era! It's been 3 years since she's been there. Let me tell you what happened on the day of naraku's defeat.

They were traving with sesshoumaru back then. His lands were in danger and so he asked the Inuyasha group to help. They traveled for a couple months and when they found naraku, everything went wrong. In they cave, when naraku had all the jewel pieces he was going to finish them all off. The only thing he had to do was to make a wish on the jewel. But in the middle of wishing kagome shot a purified arrow at naraku, but the only good that did was to lock naraku up. His soul was trapped in the cave, along with the shikon no tama. Kagome then had only two choices, one was to stay in the feudal era with Inuyasha and her friends. The other was to go back home and be normal. Kagome pleaded with Inuyasha to stay. Since the well had just a little, Inuyasha then said that it was too dangerous for her to stay, and he pushed her in the well, with regret and sadness shimmering in his eyes.

Ever since that kagome was just an average high school kid. She missed the feudal era, she missed her friends, she missed Inuyasha, and she even missed sesshoumaru with his entire 'I'm so great' attitude! Some times she would curl her self into a ball and cry out her sorrows. She would just have to wait for something exciting to happen. And today is that day.


The yellow comb ran trough kagome's raven hair as she cleaned her tresses. Kagome sighed, 'another boring day of school.' She placed her comb down on to the desk and stripped out of her clothes and into her uniform. Her life has been so dull and boring ever since the accident with Inuyasha. What she wanted the most was to be with Inuyasha, or find some one she truly would love. She was afraid that she would never find that person. She had lost hope when she left Inuyasha. Because when she left Inuyasha she lost a piece of herself.

Her gentle footsteps could be heard when she was walking down stairs. "Mama! Souta! Grandpa! What's for breakfast?" she asked, fully hungry and ready to eat.

"Good morning honey! Come down and eat!" her mother exclaimed happily.

So the rest of the morning was boring and dull, as usual but when she went to school rumors were tossed around.


"Kagome did you hear?!" yumi shouted as she shouted across the hall way, trying to get to kagome. Yumi ran towards kagome, waving her hands at her best pal.

Kagome turned her head, "what's going on?" was it something important? Maybe it's about the teachers. What ever it was it better be good because she is so not wasting her time on something like 'the food is bad'

"The principle of the school quit!" yumi shouted happily. She shot her a huge grin.

Kagome raised a brow. "And what's so great about that? I like the old principle." Kagome headed towards class and opened the door.

"Well the thing is he's only 22 years old and he is a major hottie! All the girls are already calling him the heart throb of the whole school. What to go see him? You know you want to!" yumi sang out trying to convince her.

"Oh wow!" kagome said sarcastically "first of all yumi, he is a principle and we are the student. Two, we don't get in the principle's office unless we get in trouble and so we wont visit him." Kagome said

"Aww you're so up tight let lose! Besides don't you want to go see him!" yumi asked interestingly. Ever since kagome got out of the house and came back to school she had been different. She was still happy and perky, but she had no fun at all. So why not have a little fun with her? Besides it would be good for her social skills and she needed to get out and date or be more fun. All she does is learn and learn.

"Yumi!" kagome complained. "We would have to get in trouble to get to the principle's office." Kagome didn't want to have fun or anything, it would be safe to play it low and just be on schedule.

"I know" yumi said. She stopped walking and dragged kagome to the cafeteria and said. "That's why were going to get in trouble today."

"Wait yumi what are you doing!??!!" kagome shouted. She was helpless when yumi got the urge.

Yumi shoved aside the doors. She sneaked in the bathroom. She clasped her hands over kagome's mouth so kagome won't make the cafeteria ladies notice them. They were busy making the shit they call food anyways. Yumi entered in the bathroom and there were the rest of kagome's friends.

"Yumi!" eri exclaimed. "Oh and you dragged kagome here great!" eri said happily.

"Ready eri and ami?" yumi shouted with a smile on her lips. Her eyes burned with determination and glimmered with trouble. She was so ready for this because two good things were going to happen. Number one. Kagome would finally have some fun and she would let lose! So kagome would be much happier, so they used example, and that example is to mess up the cafeteria. Number two. They would meet the hot new principle. Mr.taishou!! He is so hot!! They couldn't wait. The only bad news was that they would be grounded.

"Wait!" kagome said angrily. "What are you planning to do!??" kagome backed away. When she said that she wanted excitement she didn't mean this! She wanted something more appropriate!

"I'll tell you!" ami shouted. "You see the cafeteria lady let food out to cool hours before they serve it. If we use all the food for a food fight we would get in major trouble!" she laughed. "It's perfect!"

Kagome sighed. 'They seemed crazy' she thought. She was so not going to take this. If she did this it was going to ruin her scores and her permant record! "You guys no way I'm going to take this." She closed her eyes and brought her fingers to her head. "You guys are so crazy and I don't think that-"she stopped. They weren't here. They all left without her! "What!? No one's listening!?" she heard a loud crashing noise behind the bathroom door. "oh no" she said. She dreaded this. "ami! Yumi! Eri! Get over here right now!" kagome barged in the cafeteria but only to be pelted with hot food. Kagome screamed out loud! "you guys!!!!!" she screeched.

She still got pelted with food though.


"stupid good for nothing friends. Always getting in trouble. I say don't do it but nooo! They don't listen to me!" kagome grumbled as she took a seat next to ami. She was next to go see the principle. Oh she is so busted. Her grades, her permanent record! It was all ruined! She never should have gone to school. She had to admit it was a bit funny to see her friends get pelted with food but it was quickly squashed down because they just got in major trouble. Aww man. That sucks all to see a hot principle! It was so not worth the trouble.

"Kagome." Yumi said as she exited the office. "You're up" yumi was so happy to see the principle. But hopefully so will kagome.

Kagome gave out a sigh and nodded. She rose from her seat and passed by yumi. She wrapped her hands around the door knob. She became more nervous and nervous. She turned the knob and there revealed her new principle.

No I couldn't be. Not him. His long silver hair dangled below his shoulders. It shined in the sunlight and appeared to be silky smooth. His amber eyes glowed like fire, passing right through her. It couldn't be. Her new principle was the cold hearted sesshoumaru! Kagome froze up her body seemed to be ice. Her eyes widened like saucers. Her mouth stood agape. "Sess..." she began. She was speechless for words. Why was he here? Why was he her teacher? And mostly how could her friends think he's hot!? He doesn't sound hot at all! He was sesshoumaru!

Sesshoumaru's pale face rose to meet hers. He raised a brow. "Kagome" the name was familiar to his tongue. He faced his papers once more. "Small world ne?" he said and continued to write. He could feel kagome's eyes on him. She was very shocked to see him, in this office, here, today. "Sit" he commanded her.

Kagome said nothing. But gave a small nod and took a seat across from him. She looked at his tag. 'Mr. Taisho eh?' she thought. 'Has the world gone mad?' she looked at the desk. First she gets in trouble then she meets sesshoumaru. What next? "What do you want?" she asked shyly, not wanting to look into his eyes. She didn't want to know punishment or anything bad like that.

"You started a fight, you messed up lunch and you ask me that?" sesshoumaru said coldly. He stared at the woman in front of him. She wasn't looking at him. 'What a coward' he thought. "Face me, pathetic ningen" he commanded roughly. He saw her face lift up to his. He saw many emotions in her eyes. Fear, sadness, regret, and something else he didn't know.

"What are you doing here sesshoumaru?" she asked, trying to be brave. Kagome was afraid of what he would do to her. I mean he is sesshoumaru the cruelest of all the demons. She was depressed because she would get in trouble and it would probably do something to her permanent record. She regrets ever coming to school, and perhaps even being born. But with all these strange emotions, she was a bit happy. At least sesshoumaru came to her life and it would be really nice to have something fun.

"You will have to clean the room's everyday using a tooth brush. You will get detention and extra home work. You will do community service with your friends for a month." He said coolly. He looked across to see her reaction. "Well?" he asked.

Kagome got angry. It wasn't her fault!! Her friends dragged her into this! She can't do that all month! She didn't deserve it! Besides all that sesshoumaru still didn't answer the question. "Hey!" kagome stood up. "It wasn't my fault! My friends dragged me into this! And you completely ignored my question!! You might be the great lord sesshoumaru, but guess what? You are just a person I am too! So I should try to defend my self! Or you should at least let me argue!" she folded her arms and huffed. Her brows furrowed and she pouted. How dare that jerk. Stupid arrogant taiyoukai! She thought to herself.

Sesshoumaru raised a brow at the onna. He was her principle now and she still spoke to him as if they were on the same level. He remained his cool and said "I am also your principle. I control your deeds I don't care if it is fair or not you do what I want." He said. "Never talk to me that way before. Now get the fuck out."

Kagome gasped at the man. How rude. Then she got even madder. Her fingers balled up into a fist and she said "so I know you!"

"Yes" sesshoumaru replied with an arrogant tone in his voice "but I told you I have a higher status then you so get out. The only thing I want from you is to see you do your work." He returned to his papers and tried to ignore kagome.

Kagome was fuming now! Her face was red as a tomato. But she knew he was right. She should leave. She didn't have a choice. So she gave up "fine" she said. "ja ne" she walked out of the door and closed it gently.

Sesshoumaru looked up to kagome. She was quitting? Already? The kagome he knew from 500 years ago was so much different. But he pushed it aside and watched her out the door.


scrub scrub scrub. Man this sucked. Kagome's arm moved back and forth, scrubbing the tiles merciless. She couldn't believe that she was scrubbing the tiles with a stupid tooth brush. Kagome scrubbed harder. Why did she speak back to sesshoumaru? He was a principle. She should have stayed quit like normal girls would. He was right. He had a higher status then her, she should respect him more or else he could punish her even more. But kagome treated him like a normal person. She treated him as if they had the same status. Why in the world would she do that? It didn't make any sense! The other question buzzing in her head was why didn't sesshoumaru made her do more stuff when she yelled back at him? She would expect him to do something like threaten her. Maybe he changed over five hundred year? Or maybe he just stopped caring about anything?

Speaking of which what happened when Rin died? Maybe he was really crushed? After all he treated her as if Rin was his own pup. It must have hurt him to lose something so close to him. Kagome knew how that felt. Kagome stopped brushing. A million questions started to fill her. What had happened to him over the years? Has he got better? Has he got worse? She started to think about him more and more.

Soft foot steps could be heard in the echoes of the hall. Kagome turned her head to the wooden door. Sesshoumaru was passing by. Kagome dropped the brush right away. "sesshoumaru!" kagome bit out.

Sesshoumaru merely turned his head and asked "what? And call me Mr. Taishou" he said rudely to the girl. But then he thought who cares? So he kept walking. So basically he was now ignoring her. Why did it matter any ways? He was going to see her again. It wouldn't change anything.

"sesshoumaru!" kagome shouted once more. "wait stop walking!" she ran to catch up with him. She wanted so badly to know what had happened to her friends. She needed to know if they were happy. And her only hope was sesshoumaru. She had to know; she wanted more then anything in the world was knowledge of her dearest friends. When she caught up to him she tugged at his sleeve, making him stop. No she couldn't let him go. if she let him go then she wouldn't know anything of her friends. "sesshoumaru" she started as her sapphire eyes stared at the man. "Onegai. I must know what happened to my friends." She stared hard at him. "tell me" she gently tugged at his sleeve.

Sesshoumaru turned his head to her. She looked really desperate for this. But he didn't know her well, let alone like her so he did something hurtful. He flicked off her hand and said rudely. "no." and he kept walking. He stopped again when he felt another tug. He once again was faced by the blue orb.

"you have to tell me!" she shouted at him. "I have to know what happened to them! Their best friends! Look I know that you hate me! Unlike you I have a heart!" she screamed at him and tugged even harder.

Sesshoumaru was getting irritated now. "no" he said firmly and broke free of her grip. But once again he was stopped. But this time not by a tug but a hug from the back.

Kagome held on tight on him. "you can't say no!" she screamed. "I have to know! And I wont let go of you until you tell me!" she latched on to him like stink on a monkey.

Her friends. Her great friends. Sango, Mirokou, Inuyasha, Shippou, kirara, and even little Rin. What had happened to them? She had nothing left of them. So the least she could have is memories of them, even if they were dead. Maybe if she talked about them she would feel better. So she just had to know. She had to know all about her friends. And the information was in Sesshoumaru's brain so she had to get it from sesshoumaru. And the more she thought of her friends the more powerful urge to cry grows.

Kagome's hands clenched onto him. Her hands balled up to a fist in his blue t-shirt, making lots of wrinkles. Sesshoumaru just stood there. His eyes widened. This human was touching his person. This human kept bitching about her friends. But he didn't care about them. Nor did he care about her. So one last time he clasped his hands over kagome's and took it off. He walked a few steps ahead of her and looked back. "iie" he replies to her. He walked off, leaving kagome on the hallway floor, her eyes wide and heart crushed.


sesshoumaru placed down his jacket on the couch. He threw his case on the sofa and walked upstairs. While he sat and walked he thought about the girl that he had encountered just a couple minutes ago. That moment when she touched him. That moment when her soft hands touched his strong skin and burned his skin. So he still desired her. Five hundred years ago he had only desire for her. He thought she was gone. But now he has to deal with her every day. That's just perfect. And he still remembered how her hands found their way to his chest. He had to get his mind off her but how could he? The look on her face. when he desired someone he usually didn't care if they felt emotion. But he couldn't deny the small peep of emotions rearing its head. He suppressed though.

he sat on his chair and bent down to open the computer. Man, its going to be a long year with her in his school. He brought his fingers up to rub his sore temples. Who cares she was just a scab on his arm, she was nothing compared to him.


kagome jumped right onto her bed. She let the soft feelings of her quilts caress her hands and her body. It felt nice. Just the cool air and the bed. No loud noises or anything. Well she would be here for the rest of the week so she better get use to it.

She thought of sango and Mirokou. Did they admit their feelings for each other? Did they end up happy? Maybe they had lived a long beautiful life. It would be nice for them if that happened. What about their death? Kagome wished that they were happy together. She had hope that they died a worthy death and had lots of children. She giggled. With Mirokou as the dad they probably had too many children. She giggled again. 'I just hope their happy' she thought.

Then her mind was switched to Inuyasha. Her smile had turned into a frown. Inuyasha....what had happened to him? Was he with kikyo? In hell? Kagome buried her head in her pillow. No she wouldn't believe that. He can't go to hell so easily. If he did then she had to admit that he died an unworthy death. Maybe Inuyasha lived happily; yes she had to believe that. She couldn't imagine Inuyasha dead because of kikyo.

Then she thought of sesshoumaru. Was he different now? Was he a colder person then he was five hundred years ago? What had happened to Rin back then? How old was she? How did he handle her death? All these questions buzzed in her head. She was so confused about all of this. Maybe tomorrow. If she asks one more time then maybe he will answer those questions. 'please sesshoumaru....' she thought 'just tell me about what has happened to my friends and you' she yawned and let sleep take over her body.


Ring! Ring! Ring!

Schools is in. kagome walked endlessly in the halls. It seemed to go on forever. She saw a few stares from other people and rude comments. Kagome stood up straight and walked faster, trying to escape her shame. She was still suffering from what her friends did. It seemed crazy! She got in trouble everywhere, at home, school and, most of all she got in trouble at the principle's office. Sesshoumaru did not spare mercy at all. This was so not fair.

Kagome gave out a loud sigh and then opened the door to her first class. History. Great history lets learn about stuff that happened a long time ago and then not put it in to use! What a great class huh? (sarcasm) kagome took a seat in the left corner and opened her history note book and text book. Today is going to be a long day.


recess was so much horrible then school. Why you ask? Well today she had to clean the principle's office. And sesshoumaru was there. He is always so boring, and knowing him, if she said anything at all he would probably mock her. 'I hate life' kagome thought.

She walked to the principle's office and turned the knob. There revealed a bored sesshoumaru staring at the woman. "you can clean the desk" was all that he said before he pointed at the table next to him.

Kagome grew mad at him. "listen you!" she started. "the least you can do is not command me around! And learn some manners and say please!" she pouted. All she earned though was a cold stare from sesshoumaru then he went back to writing. 'I'll never get through to him' she thought as she bent down in defeat and grabbed the rag.

Minutes seem to come and pass as she scrubbed and scrubbed. When she was done with the floor and all she looked at her new principle once more before she left. "I'm going to find out about my friends even if I have to find you every day!" she twisted the knob of the door and left.

'then I'll be prepared.' Sesshoumaru thought


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