Sure Things Falling by Entity of Sorrows

Track 2: Here We Are

Chapter 2: The start of an interesting summer (THANK YOU MOM!!!!!!!!)

The girls all pranced downstairs, giddy as drunken faeries.

"What's gotten you girls so happy?" Mrs. Higurashi asked.

"Well, mom, do you know about my favorite band, the SaInTsInNeRs? Well-" Kagome bgean but was cut off.

"We signed her up for a contest to go on an around the world trip with them for the summer and-" Nira continued.

"WE WON! My aunt already knows that me and Nira are going. I told her this morning in the bathroom. So-" Orianna continued, both her and Nira's accents taking over.

"If we call our parents and they say we can go will you let Kaggy go? P-" Nekayla continued.

"PLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEE MOMMA/ MRS. HIGURASHI?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" The five girls begged together, giving their best puppy dog eyes.

" first." Mrs. Higurashi said, putting the food on the plates.

No sooner than the words left her mouth, Sango and NeKayla were on the phone with their dads/moms.

Within a few minutes of arguing, and begging, Sango and NeKayla turned to Mrs. Higurashi with shining eyes.

"Mom/Dad said I could go!" They said at the same time.

Mrs. Higurashi sighed in defeat. "Will there be any responsible adults there?"

"Yeah, the manager and his co manager, I'm sure." Kagome said nodding.

"When will you be back?"

"Three months- but I promise I'll send you postcards from everywhere I go and I'll e-mail you as much as I can okay? Please mom, please, I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really,really, really, really, really, really,really, *breath* really, really, really, really,really, really, really, really, really,really, really, really, really, really,really, really, really, really, really, REALLY want to go, PLEASE?!?!?!" Kagome pleaded.

"Whoa, that was some serious begging." Sango said, grinning.

Mrs. Higurashi sighed once more. "Fine-"

"YYYYEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!" All three exclaimed.

"But first, we have to go shopping!" Mrs. Higurashi smiled as the girls squealed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Two days later~~~~~~~~~

Five very impatient and jittery girls stood in Kagome's living room after two days of tedious shopping, arguing, and fussing over what they were going to wear, take, ect. ect.

"Dude, can you believe that we're actually going to meet Saintsinners?" Nira asked.

(A/N:I'm gonna start writing it like this 'Saintsinners' because writing it the other way takes up a lot of time.)

The girls all shook their heads no.

A car horn was heard outside and the girls all squealed and grabbed theeir bags.

Walking out of Kagome's house, they waved goodbye to Mrs. Higurashi and went out to the stretch SUV limo that stood parked outside.

"Hello ladies, please, get in and I'll get those bags." The driver said smiling at them with a dimpled smile. He had thick blonde hair tucked under a cap and bright violet eyes. The girls all nodded and fought the urge to squeal at the interior of the beautiful limo.

The driver, Tarekashi, got into the car and began driving as the girls marvelled and tried to calm their jittering stomachs.


One hour later, they arrived at Tokyo's mansion district and found themselves staring in awe at the biggest, most beautiful home they had ever seen. The white-brick home was stunning in all of it's glory as they made their cautious way to the front door.

Tarekashi walked up to the door and hit on the hard wood with his open palm, earning slightly wierd looks from the five. 'Aren't drivers supposed to knock politely or something?' were their thoughts.

Although when the door began to open, the girls forgot all about it.

"Oh.." began Nira.

"My..." Orianna continued.

"God..." Sango said next, looking at the person that answered the door.

"What is it?" Kagome asked.

"I dunno, it looks like it might be the Missing Link."

NeKayla said as the thing glared at them all.

Tarekashi laughed. "That's not the Missing Link, it's Jaken, the butler. The Missing Link looks better than him anyday." he said opening the door for the girls to go inside. "Smells better too." he said wrinkling his nose at the toad-ish looking impish man.

The girls all walked into the huge house and looked around at the lovely cherrywood furnishings and marble floors in awe. Tarakashi set the bags on the ground and, tipping his hat, left with a short goodbye to the girls who waved back, smiling.

"Whoa. This place is hella huge." Kagome said.

"Yea." The girls replied.

Jaken cleared his throat. "If you would follow me. We will go to see the masters." his scratchy voice rang out, reducing the girls to having to look at him again.

"Dude, or It-Thingy, or Something, do you have a freaking frog in your throat or something?" Orianna asked.

"Dude, I think it IS the frog." Sango muttered.

Jaken glared at them and muttereed something about 'annoying bitches' and began walking.

The girls all clenched their fists and picked up their bags, already wishing to kill the little toad.

They walked into the living room and it took nearly all of their control not to faint. Before them stood, well sat, the Saintsinners, in all of their hot glory. There was Kai, who was 16 and had glowing cinamon eyes and blue and black streaked hair that went down to his knees. He stood at about 6'1" and had on nothing but a pair of black jeans and black Vans, his shirtless upper half a tantilizing sight as his muscles rippled as he moved to stand along with his brother, Koi. Koi was older that Kai by about a minute and had vibrant, ice blue eyes and red and black streaked hair that went down to his knees also. His face was set in a cool expression and he had on black baggy pants and a dark blue shirt that said ' I swear to drunk I'm not God!' on it with a beer bottle under the letters. He was about 6'1" as well and looked at the girls as well as his two other bandmates in the room. InuYasha and Miroku, both of whom are brothers. InuYasha had long, waist-length silver hair that looked like it was cut from the moon and beautiful amber eyes. He had a gruff look about him but that was what made him hot as well as his handsome face. He was 16 and had on a pair of baggy dark blue jeans and a red shirt on and red and black FILAs on. MIroku was about 17 and had short, black hair that was pulled into a low ponytail at the nape of his neck. He had deep, violet eyes and a slightly tanned complection. He stood at about 6' 2" (InuYasha's hieght) and was wearing a dark purple shirt that said 'Who said wise men had to be smart?' and a pair of black pants.

The girls could only stare in awe.

Miroku smiled kindly. "Konichiiwa. You must be Kagome, Nira, Orianna, NeKayla, and Sango, right? Gomen, we weren't expecting visitors today. We thought you were coming tommorrow, or else we'd all be...appropriate." Miroku half explained to the girls, half chastened his bandmates as he looked pointedly at Kai who just shrugged.

Kagome smiled, her blue/grey eyes sparkling. "That's okay. We're just-"

"Happy to be here." Nekayla finshed. Kagome glared at her.

"What? You were gonna say it right? I merely finished your sentence." NeKalya explained.

Kai rubbed his head. "So, who are you guys individually?"

The girls looked slightly surprised.

"Oh, gomen nasai, I am Higurashi Kagome and this is-"

"Himizura Sango and this is-"

"NeKayla Bennet and these two are-"

"Nira Conner and-"

"Orianna Banks." The girls all took turns smoothly introducing themselves.

"Keh, do you always do that?" InuYasha asked, looking at the girls.

"Do what?" All five asked at the same time.

Kai laughed. "Talk at the same time. Or finish each other's sentences."

The girls all looked at each other.

"We do that?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah, you kinda do." Miroku said, smiling.

"Oh, well then I guess so." Nira said.

"Isn't there another band member?" Orianna asked.

Kai, Koi, Miroku, and InuYasha looked at her oddly. 'How the hell did she not know who was missing?'

"Yeah, Sesshoumaru's up in his room working on something, but how about we show you guys your rooms, and then we can show you around." InuYasha offered and he was greeted with five brilliant smiles.

"Thanks." They smiled.

Miroku rose a questioning eyebrow at his normally gruff and rude brother. "Why InuYasha, who knew you were so nice?"

"Keh, shut the hellup bouzou." he replied as he began walking.toward the stairwell. The girls followed, and Kai, Koi and Miroku followed behind.

The girls all walked upstairs as InuYasha pointed them to their rooms.

"Thank you InuYasha." Kagome said as she walked into her room.

"Feh, whatever." He said leaning against the wall.


After the girls put their stuff down in their rooms, they walked out and looked around.

Kai walked out from another room in which the door was open. Only this time, with a plain white T-shirt on.

"Hey c'mon. This way." He said, smiling at them warmly.

The girls all blinked at each other and shrugged as they followed Kai.

"So, can I ask what your name is? We're all big fans but we don't exactly memorize band member names that well." Orianna said, her accent taking over heavily for such a long sentence.

"Wow, you're Jamaican. That's a sweet accent." Kai said, unknowingly giving Orianna a complement. Her skin heated slightly in place of a blush.

"Thanks." she said. "It only happens when I talk too much."

"Cool, you should talk more what was it you asked me just then? Oh names! Um, sorry, I'm Kai, the other one with the red hair that looks like me is my twin Koi, Miroku is the perv with the black hair, and InuYasha is his brother with the gold eyes and silver hair, and Sesshoumaru is a big silver-haired ice block that is Miroku's and InuYasha's older brother."

"So basically, you're all related to someone else one way or another?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah." Kai said. "Now, c'mon and I'll show you around."

"What happened to InuYasha?" NeKayla asked.

"If I know him he's probably trying his damndest to get Sesshoumaru out of his room. Heh, good luck with that I say." Kai said walking down a flight of stairs.

The girls followed. "So, is Sesshoumaru always by himself?" Sango asked.

"Yeah he's got an ice pole shoved so far up his ass, it stuck up straight North, and someone saw it and decided to name it the North Pole." Kai said grinning at the girls as they laughed.

"You guys have beautiful laughs you know." Kai said grinning at them slyly.

The girls that could blushed, and Orianna and Nira smiled shyly as their skin heated up from embarassment.

"Kai." came a cool, deep voice.

The girls looked up as well as Kai to see Koi standing there looking slightly aggitated.


"Will you stop trying to woo them? 'Cause it's not working." he said smoothly, taking a sip of his Code Red soda.

"Aw, are you jealous big bro? 'Cause you know I'm the Ladies Man?" Kai said, stroking an imaginary beard comically.

"No. How can I be jealous of a Lady Man?" Koi said smirking as Kai glared at him.

The girls all laughed at the brothers' antics.

"Toushe(sp?), you win for now. But know this! Zorro is undefeated!" Kai said, sweeping back an imaginary cape and moving his arms dramatically and clapping twice at the end.

"Okay Lady Man." Koi said as he walked by. He turned to the girls. "He suffers from cronic insanity, should he go crazy and have a seizure....try peanut butter, that always works." Koi said walking away.

The girls continued laughing. When they calmed down, Kai leaned over and said in a very preschoolish way, "Nu-uh! He's lying! I enjoy insanity, and I don't have seizures! And as for the peanut butter!.........well it tastes good, okay?" he said, making the girls hold their stomachs in


"What about the crazy part?" came a smooth, almost barotone, monotone voice that the girls hadn't heard before.

"Oh, hello Icy-Butt King. Finnally decide to abdicate your throne?" Kai asked.

He was met by an intense golden glare.

"Uh, yes um....I'm gonna go." Kai said running off.

"Baka." The golden eyed boy siad. He came down the staircase and the girls had to almost physically stop themselves from fainting. Before them stood THE MOST beautiful man, or person for that matter, that they'd ever seen! He had long, calf length silver hair that looked as if it had been spun from silver and beautiful, cold glowing eyes. His skin was like marble, and his face and body looked as if it had been sculpted by Kami himself.

He approached the girls at the bottom of the stairwell. He bowed slighly and Sango and Kagome mimicked the action as Nekayla, Orianna, and Nira just stared in shock.

"Welcome." he said looking at them. "Please keep your noise to a minimum." he said as he turned and walked back upstairs.

Once he was gone, Nira turned to her friends. "So, I'm guessing that was Sesshoumar?"

"Obviosly." Sango said as all of a sudded Kai came out of nowhere.

"Okie-Dokie folks, now that you met posicle ass, let's get going!" He said pulling all five of them at once.

"Wahh!!!" was all the girls could say as they were dragged through the house, pausing only for about thirty sceonds, if that, for Kai to tell them about each room.

Koi watched his brother drag the girls around. 'Yep. This is going to be an interesting summer.'


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