Sure Things Falling by Entity of Sorrows

Track 1: Hallelujah

Okay this is just a new idea I'm trying out. It's gonna be almost like a younger version of You Rock My World. Tell me if ya like it

Summary: Kagome's just your normal, high school freshman. She has a few good friends, a few good grades, and a potential boyfriend-ish/crush in her life. What was there more to ask for? Then her friends make her win a radio contest to go on a 'round the world tour with The SaInTsInNeRs (The Saint Sinners), Kagome's favorite band, and Kagome's life turns topsy turvy. What happens next? Read to find out!

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Chapter 1: "Congradulations! You've Won!"

"Brinng! Brinng! Brinng! Brinn-SMACK!!!!"

'Ugh. Okay I'm up.' thought a sleepy, raven haired beauty. Her milky white feet touched the floor and she padded softly to the bathroom. Looking at her reflection, startling silver/grey eyes stared back from a pretty, milky colored, oval face. She ran her long fingers through her short, shoulder length raven and light grey silver streaked hair. She washed her face and brushed her teeth, then she walked out of the bathroom.

Walking back into her room, she switched on her stereo and smiled as her favorite band, SaInTsInNeRs, sang her favorite song.

"He likes vampires and hit list radio

He turns it off when he hears this one song he knows

And you breathe the windows down"

Kagome went over to her dresser while singing along to the song.

"You're driving I-4 as you make your way back home

You ride in silence because he will not let go

And you breathe the windows down

It's a new place that you have found"

Pulling on a pair of baggy black cargo pants, she put her favorite chain on them and put on a silver and black stripped shirt. Kagome sang louder to the music.

"I've been up late writing books

All about heroes and crooks

One of them saves you from this

The other one steals you and then

Sure things fall

And all sure things fall..."

Looking at the clock, it read 8:01.


She grabbed her shoes, pulling them on her feet, ran to do her little bit of makeup, and she then ran

downstairs where her mother was waiting for her in the car.

"C'mon hun, you're already almost late." Sakura Higurashi said gently to her daughter.

"It's only the last day of freshman year you know."

Kagome smiled and got in the car.

~~~~~~~~At School~~~~~~~~~

Kagome's got out of her mom's car and slung her backpack over her left shoulder. Walking onto campus, she saw her friends Sango, NeKayla, and Orianna.

She walked over them and grinned. Sango was her best friend. She was tall, about 5'10" with long, waist length dark brown hair and mocha eyes, she was super headstrong and the group's fighter. NeKayla was shorter than her, about 5'8" with light skin and cool, calculating, green/hazelish eyes. She had chestnut colored, midback length hair. And she was British. Orianna was from Jamaica and was about 5'6 (Kagome's hieght) and had brownish red baby dreads down to her waist. She had light brown skin, and light brown eyes that always seemed to be sparking with amusement.

"What's up 'Gome?" NeKayla asked in her heavy British accent.

"Nothin' much. Same shit, different day."

"Hey you heard that new SaInTsInNeRs song?" Orianna asked.

"Yup." Kagome replied and Sango rolled her eyes.

"What would make you think she didn't know?" she asked, jokingly.

Kagome hit her lightly on the arm. "Oh, shut up Sango."

The girls all walked to their lockers where their other friend, Nira, was waiting.

"Hey Nira." Kagome greeted.

Nira was Orianna's cousin. She was from Jamaica as well and with black and red baby locks down to her butt and brown skin with green eyes, she was always up to trouble.

"Wassup?" she asked. "Don't we have a test today?"

"Uh...." Kagome replied.

"No." NeKayla said.

"It's the last day of school dumbnut." Sango said.

"Duh." Orianna said, huffing.

"Well it doesn't really feel like the last day." NeKayla said.

"Yeah." the other four girls chourused.

"C'mon, let's get to class." Nira said.


The Fearsome Five sat at their table chatting happily.

"Hey Kaggy, there's your man," Orianna teased, pointing to a handsome young man with fire red eyes and a long braid down to his waist.

"Oh...You mean Hiten?" Sango asked, teasingly.

"And look, he's coming over." NeKayla teased as well.

"Shut up, you guys." Kagome said glaring, her face heating in embarassment. "He is not my m-"

"Hi Hiten." Nira grinned.

Hiten nodded and took a seat by Kagome. "Hey." he said to the table in his smooth voice.

The girls all smiled/waved. Kagome lowered her head to hide the blush that was arising on her traitorous cheeks.

Hiten looked at Kagome in slight worry. "Hey Kagome, you okay?"

"Uh...yeah, I'm fine, Hiten." Kagome said fighting to squash down the blush as she looked at him.

"Oh, well that's good to know. I wouldn't want you to die on me. I gotta see that pretty smile next year or I might die." He said grinning doofishly at her.

Kagome blushed a shade of red that she wasn't sure existed.

"U-uh, thanks, Hiten." she smiled back, ignoring the doofy looks of her friends.

"Oh, boy. Here he comes. Sorry guys, see ya 'round." He smiled and got up. He looked over to see his little brother Maten coming over and went to intercept him, waving bye to the girls.

"Awwww...." all of the girls chorused as soon as he was out of earshot.

Kagome blushed full on and glared at her so-called "friends".

"Shut. Up." she growled out.

"But he might die from lack of your smile.," NeKay teased.

"Awww....." the other three chorused.

"I said SHUT IT!" Kagome growled menacingly.

"Yes, Ma'am!" they all replied, saluting.

Kagome rolled her eyes as the bell rang for lunch's end.

"Yay! Only two more classes from Hell and this year is over!" Orianna said jumping up and down, much like a two year old.

Kagome and the others just nodded and laughed.

~~~~~~~~After School-Kagome's Room~~~~~~~~~

"Hey, Kagome, turn on the radio." Nira said laying upside down off the side of Kagome's bed as Orianna threw chips at her head to see if she could catch them in her mouth.

"Okay," Kagome said getting up from the floor and the Uno game Sango, Nekayla, and she was playing.

"Alright, alright, people. We're gonna announce the winner to go on the SaInTsInNeRs 'round the world tour right after this next song. The brand new SaInTsInNeRs "Holly Wood Died." The radio announcer said.

The girls all squealed as the song began to play.

"Accidents, out on the highway to somewhere,

They tell us about when we're young,

Rescuers working to clean up the crashes

Before she can see what they've done,

Nobody told her she'd lose in the first round,

The last fight was fixed from the start,

Names on the sidewalks they move through her body,

Like razors they cut through her heart,

Like razors they cut through her heart"

They all got up and began jumping and singing to the chorus.

"Hey let go of all you know,

And you're flying away now

What have you got to lose

And say out loud these words I've found

I'll be there when you come down

I'll be waiting for you"

Kagome and Nira began singing along with the second verse.

"Night life, the highlife

She just wants a good life

So someone remembers her too

But somewhere she heard there was someplace to go

When you die when you live like we do

Die when you live like we do"

"Hey let go of all you know,

And you're flying away now

What have you got to lose

And say out loud these words I've found

I'll be there when you come down

I'll be waiting for you"

"Hey let go of all you know,

And you're flying away now

What have you got to lose

And say out loud these words I've found

I'll be there when you come down

I'll be waiting for you"

Sango and Orianna sang the background as Kagome, Nira, and NeKayla sang the chourus.

"(Accidents, out on the highway to somewhere

They tell us about when we're young,

Rescuers working to clean up the crashes

Before she can see what they've done,

Nobody told her she'd lose in the first round)"

"Hey let go of all you know,

And you're flying away now

What have you got to lose

And say out loud these words I've found

I'll be there when you come down

I'll be waiting for you..."

The song ended and the girls laughed as the announcer began speaking again.

"Yeah, alright. The new SaInTsInNeRs, "Holly Wood Died". Now it's time to announce our big winners for their 'round the world tour. And let's see...drumroll please...okay, it's a Miss...Kagome Higurashi! You and four friends get to go party with the SaInTsInNeRs on a 'round the world tour for three months with all access passes, meeting the crew, and 5,000 dollars cash! Call in in the next half hour to redeem your prize."

The girls all screamed as Kagome just looked dumbstricken.

"Yeah! We won! We won!" Sango, Orianna, Nira, and NeKayla cheered.

"I didn't sign up for a contest!" Kagome complained.

"We know. We did it for you and you won!" Sango said.

Kagome folded her arms. "Then I'm not going."

The girls all tackled her. "You have to go!!!"

"No." Kagome said sternly.

"PPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!! For your bestiest friends in the whole wide world?!!" They begged.

Kagome pouted. "Nope."

"Okay then," Nira said. "We'll have to resort to other methods."

Kagome blinked as her friends advanced on her. "W-what are you guys doing?" she asked momentarily before she was tackled.

"AHHH!" Kagome screamed as her friends began their merciless attack.

"Ahhahahahaha!!" Kagome laughed as her friends tickled her. "St-top! Haha- please!" she sputtered out.

"What was that Kag's? Top peas?" NeKayla asked.

"Stop! Haha- p-please!!!!!" Kagome gasped out again.

"Why should we?" Sango questioned.

"Hahahaha-guys-haha. Stop!" Kagome cried out, tears in her eyes.

"Only if you call and accept," Orianna said.

"Fine!" Kagome screamed. The girls stopped tickling her and Kagome got up and grabbed her phone.

"Yo, 95sx-Japan. What can I do for you?"

"Yeah, my name is Kagome Higurashi and I just won, I think." Kagome said putting to phone to her ear.

"Well congradulations, Miss Kagome, you've just won 5,000 dollars cash and a trip for you and 4 friends to join the SaInTsInNeRs on their 'round the world tour! Just give us your information and adress as confirmation."

"Okay" Kagome said and proceeded to give them the information.

"Okay Miss Higurashi, you're set. A limo will be at your house in two days to pick you up. Be ready."

"Thanks." Kagome said as she hung up the phone and squealed. She told her friends and they all squealed and laughed.

"Dude, I can't believe this is happening." Kagome said as her friends nodded.

"Girls! Dinner!" Mrs. Higurashi called from downstairs.

"Okay mom!" Kagome called as they all filed out of the room happily.


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