On The Other Side Of The Well by Lady Ky

Chapter One

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Yeah I came out with another story just another one that came to my head maybe one day I'll finish one that would be nice. Well enjoy this story I'm working on chapter two as you read this.


Chapter one

After three years of walking around Japan it had ended Naraku has been stopped true not how they would have thought, but at least it ended.

After a year and a half of searching for jewel shards the group got to finally face Naraku, some how in the battle Naraku got Kagome's and Koga's shards with Kahoku dead Naraku had the whole Shikon-no-tama. Just as Naraku was about to make his wish a miko's arrow shot out and shattered the jewel once more, everyone turned to the archer to only see Kikyo use her soul stealers carry her over to Naraku where she wrapped her arms around him from behind and call up a well of flame.

The group heard the screams of Naraku and Kikyo from behind the well and once it fell Naraku was nothing more then a pile of dust. Kikyo with her last breath she released Inuyasha of all vows and promises asking him to live his life happily for them both.

After that battle it took another year and a half to find the shards once more though this time Kagome began to se that her "crush" on Inuyasha was just caused by leaving all she knew to go to a place completely different. Her crush was just a way to feel comfortable in this new time.

Inuyasha now free of Kikyo told Kagome of his romantic feelings for her, Kagome having found out what her feelings were told them to Inuyasha who wasn't very happy about being rejected however, in the end they both agreed to be just friends.

Sango and Miroku stopped beating around the bush after Naraku's death they began courting while hunting for shards. After only half a year they married. Miroku is still a hentai though only for Sango he also still gets hit by Sango.

Sesshomaru became an ally he traveled with the group before the death of Naraku. He'll come by once in a while to let his ward Rin play with Shippo, Kilala and Kagome.

While Sesshomaru traveled with the group he began to understand Kagome better and by the time Naraku died he began to have feelings for Kagome despite anything he thought about humans. So when he found out that Kagome was going home for good he decided to tell her how he feels about her.

"Kagome-chan!" said a ten year old Rin.

"Ohayou Rin-chan, Sessho-kun"

"Ohayou Kagome"

"Can you play now Kagome-chan?"

"Gomen Rin-chan but, I need to pack my things because I'm retuning home"

"Can I go?"

"Rin-chan I'm not coming back"


"Because I don't belong here remember what I told you about where I come from?"

"Hai, I'll miss you Kagome-chan"

"And I you"

"Kagome, could I speak with you privately please?"

"Sure, there's something I wouldn't to ask you anyway"

Sesshomaru lead Kagome away from the children they went to the hot spring from the village. Stopping on the edge of the spring Kagome turned to Sesshomaru.

"Sesshomaru you know how Inuyasha and Shippo don't get along, so I was wondering if you could take him in when I'm gone"

"So you aren't returning"

"yeah I think that now after the shikon restored and Sango and Miroku having their first child and Inuyasha leaving all the time it's just I don't have a place here"

"And if you had a reason to stay?"

"I don't know it's not like a reason will just happen to be here"

Just as Sesshomaru was about to say something to Kagome a voice called out to her.

"Lady Kagome! Lady Sango is giving birth she's asking for you!" A child said.

"What already it's over a month early, come on Sessho-kun"

Kagome took off down the path Sesshomaru followed behind distressed that he couldn't tell Kagome his feelings.

Kagome came running into Sango's birthing hut breathless and worried. Sango was screaming in pain when Kagome saw her.

"Sango, where does it hurt?" Kagome asked after all the years of cute and births etc. Kagome was the most skilled miko around to help Sango and her unborn child.

"She asked where it hurts some miko, where the fuck do you think it hurt my feet!"

Kagome knelt down in front of her best friend to examine her when she did she found out why Sango was in so much pain.

"Keade I'm going to need hot water, rages and my back pack as well as something for Sango to bite on to"

"What is wrong Kagome?" Keade asked

"Sango's baby has not turned it wishes to be born feet first"

"My poor baby it'll die!" Sango screamed

"It won't I can save it, but I need those things now Keade"

Keade left with a rush Kagome gave Sango a gentle squeeze before leaving the hut.



"I've come to warn you there will be real loud screaming Sango's baby wishes to be born backwards"

"Can you save both mother and child?"

"Hai I can, but I won't say how until after I'm done its better if only I know right now"

"Very well when you're finished I wish to continue our talk"

"Alright, please tell the children not to come around the village"

With a nod Sesshomaru left, Kagome ran back into the hut with Sango minutes later Keade returned with the things Kagome asked for.

Sesshomaru sat in a tree over looking the children his children Sesshomaru know that now if he couldn't make Kagome stay for him he'll take care of Shippo like his own.

Sesshomaru was thinking on how to word what he wanted to tell Kagome when he caught the sent of his half-brother. Calling Jaken to watch the children Sesshomaru headed off to meet the half-brother before he could get to Kagome.

Inuyasha was jumping from tree to tree carrying Miroku who he picked up along the way. Inuyasha could see the village ahead as well as his half-brother.

"Kuso what's he doing here? I thought that after Naraku was killed I wouldn't have to put up with him"

Maybe he's here for Lady Kagome"

"Yasha, who is that? Said a female inu hanyou that came up behind Inuyasha and Miroku

"That's just Inuyasha half-brother Lord Sesshomaru Kibou"

"Lord of the western lands is your brother why didn't you tell me Yasha?"

"Sorry mate but, he and I don't get along"

"Inuyasha I see that you've found your own kind"

"Where's Kagome?"

"She's busy at the moment and can't be interrupted, however; I'll be happy to take care of you"

"Where is Sango?"

"she's busy as well"

"Is she alright, is the baby alight?"

"Sango and your son are resting fine" Kagome said

"A son I have a son!"

Miroku ran down the path to the village chanting that over and over again. Kagome watch Miroku then turned to Inuyasha and the unknown female next to him.

"Inuyasha who is this?" Kagome asked pointing to the unknown female

"My mate Kibou"

"so that's why you kept leaving, well I remember that Sesshomaru wanted to finish a talk so I'll see you two later"

Kagome headed off into the forest away from the three Sesshomaru growled at the pare before going after Kagome.

"Did I do something wrong yasha?"

"No mate I think it was something else"

Sesshomaru was having a hard time finding Kagome in seemed that she hid her scent subconsciously. Using his ears Sesshomaru was able to find Kagome in a clearing with her head on her knees.

"Kagome are you alright?"

"I don't belong here"

"Kagome I need to tell you something"

"What's that?"

"Rin isn't the reason for me coming to see you; the reason is because I've fallen for you"

"You what?"

"I love you Kagome please stay and be my mate"

"NO! I won't believe it I don't belong here!"

Kagome took off deeper into the forest Sesshomaru was hurt that she didn't want to believe him. Sesshomaru looked at the place Kagome left then skyward he prayed the any Kami to hear his one pure hope.

Shippo and Rin were playing in a field of flowers when a crying Kagome came through the tree line.



Kagome looked from Rin's innocent face with concern to Shippo's only to have more tears fall from her eyes taking off once more this time to the village.

Sesshomaru headed to the village hoping that was where Kagome had gone he wanted to find her to hold her till she believed him then take her as his mate.

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