Lady of the Lands by In The Arms Of A Stranger

From the future i came, to the past i went

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((Chapter one))

From the future i came, to the past i went

"Hello, my name is sesshomaru inutashio, and this is the story of my life, well the good parts of it. At once I was just a normal teenager trying to pass school when the incident happened... my brother janken had been standing in front of the well house looking for are cat when.... Well.... Ill just let my story do the talking for me

((Forced Flashback))

Beep... Beep... Beep..... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.... Beep..... B-CRACK!

"Damn alarm clock....... Wait... I don't have an alarm clock....hmmmm.... then what did ..." Peeking his head out from under the sheets sesshomaru stared at the now mutilated figure of his phone, the one he had begged for over four months to get installed into his room....

"Fuck....... Oh welll...... to tired to care.... When I'm awake... then... ill car....e.....Zzzzzzzz"



"8 huh..... Wait... 8... DAMN! I'm late, I'm late, late, late' late' LATE!!!!!!!!" Scrambling out of bed as fast as he could, one foot slamming against his dresser and the other one still wrapped up in his blanket. Falling forward he laid there for a moment, staring at the giant dust bunny's under his bed, who stared back at him "did it just blink.... Hehe.... I have created life!!!!..... Wait... I'm late!!!....." Jumping up sesshomaru ran into the washroom, the blanket on his bed falling off and crushing the dust bunny. The sound of water was soon heard as well as the usual morning yell as he slipped on the same bar of soap as every other morning.

The now dressed and showered sesshomaru ran down the stairs, his still damn hair pulled up in a low pony tail. Slipping his shoes on while running was not the easiest thing to do. Grabbing his bag and a piece of toast he bolted out the door, well almost did.

"Forgetting something?" Came the irritated voice of his mother

"Hehe.... Ya, sorry mom" Jogging back in he gave his mother a quick kiss on the check. His mother, souka (DK: just made it up on the spot) was a good looking woman, her silver hair pulled up into a bun on the top of her head. Unlike sesshomaru's amber eyes her eyes were light green, small speckles of brown dotting through it. She still wore her night time attire, a pair of white flannel pajamas, sakura flowers lining the sleeves and pant legs, given to her by janken last Christmas.

"do good in school, find a pretty girl, marry here, and give he grand children to spoil" was all she said before lightly shoving him out the door closing it behind him before he could say anything.

"Mothers.... Sheesh....." lightly sighing sesshomaru made his way down the cement stairs, built by one of the members of his family over 3 hundred years ago.... Or so his grandfather told him. The house sesshomaru had grown up in was a shrine, one of the most popular in the city, known for its good luck and charms, as well as its history. The land was a few acres wide, 5 at the most. The large forest in the back was said to be 'haunted' by the spirits of evil demons from years ago, many, many, many, many years ago.... People came to pray at the 'god tree' said to be one of the oldest tree's to the oldest tree around, able to help people in making choices.... Sureeeee..... Don't know who would believe all that junk....

"Eh?" Pausing for a moment he noticed his brother, janken, standing in front of the well house, which was been off limits two the two of them since the day they were born.

"Janken, What are you doing over their, you know mother and grandpa told up not to go near the well house!!" Sesshomaru scolded his adopted little brother Janken for a few minutes before stopping at noticing the food dish in his hands.

Janken was a normal little boy he looked to be around 12 years old and had a strangely scary smile on his face at all times and he didn't really have much of a nose, unlike the rest of his family Janken had a dark brownish shade of hair instead of a striking sliver like sesshomaru and his elders, Janken was adopted when he was only a baby after his father had died when he was little, his mother thinking that another kid would take the thought of her dead lover off her mind, and it did help, he was a 'little monster' always getting into trouble at school though getting good grades, bringing home frogs, cats, and dogs that he would find wondering the streets and ask to keep them, every single time! But hey, he was a good brother.

"But sesshy!! Un-un is down their!!" Janken protested loudly as he pouted slightly at the fact he was afraid to go down into the well house.

"Is that so?" sesshomaru asked as he walked past Janken and into the well house looking for their overly active house cat Un-un.

"Sesshy! The well's top moved!!" Janken shouted as he cowered in fear behind sesshomaru his eyes on the well's lid.

"Stop being so scarred... ahhhhh!" sesshomaru yelled as something brushed up against him, causing Janken to fall backward and out of the well house door.

"What is it!!!!?" Janken shouted as he scrambled back in, his eyes scanning the room in anticipation, wondering what had been able to make his brother actually yell in surprise, heck he had never been able to scare sesshomaru, not even the time he had thrown a bucked of red paint of his wall and spelt murder backwards and lied with a knife at his side did he scare him.... Maybe it was the fact the knife was plastic.... naaaaa

"Un-un..." he sighed and picked up the green tabby cat. They had found Un-un in the back ally outside of their shrine; its last owners had thought it funny to dye its fur green... and it did look funny... but he seemed happy with it. The cat stared up at sesshomaru with its big green eyes, its long green spiked tail swaying back and forth slowly behind him as it eyed sesshomaru's newest school uniform tie hungry 'meer... a new tie..... Goodie, goodie, goodie, food....' Was the only thing that the cat was thinking, not seeming to realize he was freaked both sesshomaru and janken out?

"And you call me a coward?!?" Janken yelled loudly at sesshomaru his tiny fists clenched at his sides as he glared at his brother with all his might. Their was a sudden clattering noises as the seals of the well split in half, the lid falling backward and a blinding light shot upward, filling the entire room with a blinking light. Two pairs of arms reached out from the wells top, pulling the unsuspecting sesshomaru backward with ease. The cat in his arms dropped to the ground with a small '"meer?" before scurrying away from the well and behind janken where it started to clean it's paws like nothing happened while janken sat their watching as the form of his brother vanished down the well, the room becoming dark once again.

"fuckkkk!!!" Sesshomaru yelled for what seemed like more then half an hour as he fell into what seemed like a bottomless pit. He felt the arms around him tighten as he turned around to see a woman....Well it looked like a woman.... who had breaded with a centipede

((To be continued!))

((Off screen))

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