Lost in the Depth of Memories by Nai

Chapter 1

-Lost in the Depth of Memories-

~Chapter 1~


She trudged herself to the well. The rain poured down on her like bits of needle peircing her skin. Her sapphire eyes were dead and weary. Her head low. Reaching down on the well's rem, she collapsed on the ground leaning on the side of the old well. Couldn't hold it anymore, she cried. Her hands came up to her face as she shook her head, as she wail silently to herself.

Her shoes were gone, skirt ripped on the side, and shirt ripped on her left shoulder. She could feel the burn of the claw mark on her wrist and neck.

She looked up suddenly at the twig snap. "I had told you to leave." Looking away, she shook herhead. "I told you to leave before it was too late."

"I-I can't." She whimpered.

The dead priestess walked over to the pitiful girl and stood ubove her. Her soft brown eyes softening as she felt her throat dry. "Leave, he's coming back." She whispered silently placing a hand on the younger girl's shoulder. "He will kill you, and eventually me." Crouching down to her level, she placed a shard in her hands. "I lost my chance to live," the small teen looked up at miko's calm smile, "Now it's your turn . . ." She whispered.

Biting her lips, she stood up with the help of Kikyou's hand.

"Kagome . . ." Kikyou's eyes narrowed into slits as she turned around. She blocked the demon's path, raising her bows and arrow aiming at his heart.

"That is the last shard of the jewel," Kikyou whispered, "I advise you to leave." The demon jumped ready to strike at them. Shooting her arrow she snapped, "Now!"

Her eyes widen as she saw Inu Yasha piercing his claws through Kikyou's chest. 'Kikyou . . .' She closed her eyes as she felt the water consume her, 'I promise to live . . .' A tear mixed in with the water as the blue light spread through the well. ' . . .If only for you.'


Tsukido Higurashi looked up at the pouring rain towards the sacred tree. There was something wrong, she could feel it. Softly touching the tree, she could hear it crying out to her. Walking down towards the well, she stopped short in the entrance. 'Kagome.' Walking down te steps, she gasped as a hand suddenly reached the rim of the well.

Going closer, she watched with her heart beating in a rapid pace, the figure that came out of the well. Tsukido froze in her place with her eyes wide dropping her blue umbrella. She could feel her lips trembling and her heart beat.

"Mom . . ." Her croaked voice made Tsukido realize she wasn't doing anything to help. Quickly running down the steps, she grabbed a hold of Kagome's arm putting it over her shoulders. When she looked in Kagome's eyes, her heart was torn at the sight. It was blank and dead.

As they reached the house, she told Souta to hurry and get the medic aid. Mrs. Higurashi smiled sadly as she wrapped the bandages over her shoulders, towards her wrist, and place small bandages on her face. Lastly, Tsukido put a wet clothe on her forehead to keep the temperature in her body stable. She wrapped a warm blanket around her daughter's body to secure it from freezing.

"Your okay now Kagome."

"Mom . . ." She whispered haorsely, "I'm not going back again."

Tsukido nodded knowing better than to ask. "It's alright Kagome, everything will be fine now." She whispered gently towards her daughter. As she left towards the kitchen, a tear suddenly slipped from her eyes.

"Mom?" Wiping her tears quickly, she smiled and turned to Souta.

"What is it dear?"

He looked down, "What happen to Kagome? There was claws everywhere on her body." He whispered, "Did Inu Yasha . . ." He trailed off not wanting to continue.

"I don't know honey." She smiled sadly, "I truly don't know."


The light spliied from her cutains glaring directly in her eyes. She moaned softly feeling pain surge through her body. She couldn't move, laying there feeling weak. It hurt to even move her fingers.

Slowly, but carefully she lifted her arms up. She winced in pain once she grasped onto her blanket. Lifting it out of her bed, she stood up on the side her bed feeling the throb on her legs. Her mind was throbbing from sheer confusion.

'Where am I? What is this place? How come I'm hurt?' She clutched her head sinking down on the rug. 'How come my head hurt so much?' Closing her eyes tightly, she screamed in pain.

'Who am I?' She fell down unconscious.


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