Different, Yet So Alike by Nai

Part 1 : The Higurashis'

Different, yet so Alike

Part 1 - The Higurashis'


"Lighten up, Kagome," Kikyou sighed with a smiled. "New school could be a good change for us." The older girl grinned at her younger twin.

Kagome yawned, "Sure, having to wake up at this godforsaken hour is SO much fun," she said trudging down the steps of the shrine. "You might get used to it, but for me," She stretched, "I'll just ditch." She said under her breath.

She glanced down at her uniform seeing a guy's jumpsuit instead of the normal school-girl uniform. She was thankful that Shikon High's color was black and purple instead. Kikyou wore black skirt, and purple shirt, as a student female should, but for her, she wore the normal black jumpsuit for a male student.

"Hey," Kagome started as they began their walk to school. Kikyou turned to her with a raised eyebrow questioning, "Since when the hell did you start being a goody-too-shoe?"

Kikyou turned to her and smiled lightly, "Ever since we found out we have a mother," her voice was soft that Kagome barely caught that. "Aren't you happy that we're not under that bastard's house anymore?" Kikyou inquired as she lifted her index finger pointing at Kagome.

Kagome raised her arms and placed it under her head, "I guess, sure . . .But I'm sort of used to kicking his ass that I don't know if I could break the habit of fighting anymore."

Kikyou furrowed her eyebrows, "Kagome," she grumbled, "If you make trouble . . ."

"Yeah, YOU will beat the crap out of me," Kagome shook her head. "Come on sis, if you promise me not to go psychopath, then I won't cause any fight, unless . . ." Kagome smiled with a strange look in her eyes, "They start the fight."

Kikyou clenched her fist, "No!" Kagome practically jumped at her tone of voice. It was so demanding. "Kagome, I don't want you to cause trouble, it's enough at the other school." She said softly.

The younger twin sighed, "Sure, I'll do it for you, just as long as you don't start to go crazy, I'm fine."

Kikyou sighed a relief. Knowing Kagome, it's a fifty percent chance that she'll stay OUT of trouble.

"Hey, look." Kikyou looked up and smiled.

As Kagome grasped the falling cherry blossom, she spoke, "We never have this sort of things at our old neighborhood." She whispered. Kikyou nodded in agreement.

"Look, we're here." Kikyou pointed. As Kagome looked up, she was amazed at the school.

"S-So big!" She exclaimed. A grin came to her lips, "I didn't know private schools look so-so-so," she gulped, "Cool." Kagome had to bite her lips from jumping up and down like a kid seeing the huge white building. Kikyou was equally amazed at the place. The two twins had never in their life seen such a place. Everything seems to neat as a normal school should be.

"There's no calligraphy or anything." Said Kikyou, "I can't believe a school like this is so perfectly," she paused looking for the right word to say, "Untainted."

Kagome nodded as they entered the gate, "I cant believe we get to go to a school like this." She was so excited that she couldn't keep the glistening from her sapphire eyes.

Even though Kikyou was equally excited, she didn't smile. Her chocolate brown eyes were the only source that told she was enjoying this. The one thing that the twins don't have in common are their strange color of eyes. "I can't wait," Kikyou said calmly as if she wasn't excited.

Kagome was the only one that could tell behind her calm exterior of her emotion. It's like a twin connection. As they reached the office, she dragged Kikyou in. They both stopped in their tracks as they reached the office, "No way . . ." Whispered Kagome as she stared with wide eyes at the place. It was neatly organized, and students were in here also helping. It was amzing that she couldn't describe it.

"Ah, welcome you two," A warm deep voice spoke. They looked to the side to see a man in his fortys' or so. "You must be the Higurashis', am I correct?" They nodded mutely, still too surprise.

He smiled at them and stepped towards them. He doesn't seem that old considering he was buff-looking with a huge body. "Please to meet you, so am I guessing you two are twins?" He shook hands with the calmer Kikyou, and then the nervous Kagome. "So, young man, I'm supposing your Kagome?" He raised an eyebrow inquiry.

"Kagome's not-" Kikyou was cut off by the shaking of head of her twin's head.

"Yup, that's me sir," Kagome smiled.

He looked towards Kikyou, "Kikyou Higurashi, the older twin if I am correct."

Kikyou nodded with serousness in her eyes, "Yes sir, that is me." THe man smiled roughly and nodded his head, "This is called Shikon High created over a few hundred years ago, I take it you both won't ruin it." They narrowed their eyes at him. Kagome clenched her fist ready to strike him, but Kikyou took a hold of her hand which relaxed Kagome somewhat.

"I assure you, we won't possible RUIN this precious place," Kikyou looked darkly at the man, "If people here leave us alone." Her tone was getting dangerous.

Kagome bit her tongue from insulting the huge dude in front of them. "SO if you don't mind," she bit out through clenched teeth, "Could you hand us out schedule?" Kagome glanced nervously at Kikyou who by now regained her sense.

"Remember well Higurashis', I am the principle, Mr. Anshiko." He said as he handed them each a schedule.

Kikyou and Kagome turned away from the man as they went out of the office. When they started to walk through the hall, Kagome punched the wall, careful not to break it. "Who the hell does he think he is?" She asked angrily. She looked over to Kikyou and saw her looking down. "You don't go berserk on me now okay Kikyou?"

"I-I won't." Kikyou looked up with a grin, "I won't. Not now, not ever."

Kagome sighed. As Kikyou and Kagome started to head up the stairs to find their classes, they couldn't help to notice a lot of stares and hear words such as,

"Woah, twins."

"He's cute. But not as cute as Sesshoumaru."

"She's hot, maybe even better than Kagura."

"He looks so cute with long hair in a ponytail."

"Look at his eyes, they're so rare to connect with black hair."

"She's so beautiful with that long hair flowing pass her waist."

"I don't think I've ever seen a perfect body as hers'."

"He may be a short, but I bet his body is hot."

Kagome and Kikyou pace quickens when they feel the stares and hear the giggles. As they reached the corner, they stopped abruptly. Every person's eyes were on them.

"Okay, what the hell's up with this school?" Asked Kagome to Kikyou as they walked pass everyone.

Kikyou kept her head low as she lead the way to the stairs, "Let's try to ignore them," she whispered back. As Kikyou about to turn the corner, she slammed right into a body, making her lose her balance and fall. Unfortunately, Kagome endured the pain of the ground as Kikyou landed on top of her and Kagome's back hitting the floor.

"Watch where your going, you fuckin' asshole!" Kikyou looked up surprised at the curse word directed to her. Kikyou couldn't help but glare at him.

Kagome pushed her sister up away from her, making the boy's eyes land on her, "So you're the wise guy eh? To freakin' bump into me like that."

After dusting herself off, Kagome turned towards the dude that accused her, "What the hell! You're the one that came out of nowhere and bumped into us!" She yelled. "And you have the gale to say I'M the one who BUMPED into you?"

He looked surprise at the boy. No one in his life has ever spoken to him like that except his father maybe. "Are you accusing I'm blind pretty boy?" He asked, shoulder's tense.

Kagome didn't back down as she smirked, "That's what I'm saying silver-haired freak." She bit out. Kikyou furrowed her eyebrows as she saw the arms that was ready to hit Kagome.

Kagome ducked from him, as he ducked from her low kick. Before each of them could punch each other in the face, Kikyou walked in the middle, and caught their fist in her hand. They both blinked in surprise.

Instead of yelling at the boy for trying to hurt his little sister, she bowed low to the waist, "I'm sorry about my little sis-" she cut herself off from the look of Kagome, "BROTHER's rude behavior." She smiled kindly, but forcefully at him.

The boy on the other hand just stared at her as she spoke. 'So . . .Beautiful . . .' He shook his head as they walked passed him. Before the girl left, he grabbed on to her wrist. "Uh . . .Uh . . ." he seems to be speechless as she stared at him with a calm smiled.

"Hey! Let go my sis, stupid." He came out of his daze from the boy behind the girl. "What? Trying to hit on her now?" He was flushed in the face.

"N-No stupid!" He let go of her wrist, "Feh, name's Inu Yasha Takayama."

Kikyou raised her eyebrows in mild surprise. A smiled suddenly came to her lips. "My name is Kikyou Higurashi." She reached her right hand towards him. He grasped her hand with his right one and they shook. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Takayama." she referred to his last name.

He nodded slowly. "Same to you Higurashi."

Kagome watched the whole interaction with curiosity, 'Eh? Why'd she making friends with him?'

"This is my younger brother." Inu Yasha glanced over Kikyou shoulders to see his brother. "Kagome Higurashi."

"The pretty boy is your twin?" He asked.

Kagome glared at Inu Yasha, "So what if I am dummy?" She asked, "At least I don't have my hair bleached."

"What?!" Inu Yasha asked enraged, "This is my original hair color!"

"Yeah right! I never saw anybody in my life with silver hair!" She exclaimed almost accusingly.

"Kagome." Kagome shut her mouth then, but grumbled a curse word under her breath directed towards Inu Yasha.

The older twin shook he head as she turned back to Inu Yasha, "We're new here, if you don't mind," she paused as she took out her schedule, "Mind showing us we're our class is?" She asked calmly.


"Inu Yasha."

The three turned towards the new figure. Kikyou raised a eyebrow.

'They look alike.'

Kagome looked at him with her mouth twitching.

'Another silver-haired freak?'


Guess that's it . . .for now. I have lot's of ideas, but this is only the beginning chapter.

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