Reviews for Face Down by inumaru_rapture

arielle langley- Sun 08 Jun 2008
hi just wanted to say as usual excellent job with this fic! and if you could please continue it and don't stop it and also if you don't mind if you could please email me whenever u have an update in your story. please. or stories if you write another fic. my email adress is it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

Violetcarson- Mon 02 Jun 2008
Yay! Happy moment! But poor Kags, that bastard really ripped her a good one. AH well, she has Sess to cuddle up to while she gets better. But we were so close to a confession on her part! Darn! Anyway, thanks for updating, even if you are on the other side of the world. Keep writing!!!

WhiteRose-Kurama- Sun 01 Jun 2008
Wow! That was kind of intense... I really glad that Kagome is starting to become her old self again. I wonder what is going to be done about Inuyasha's out of control behavior? Keep up the good work and hurry w/ the next chappie :P

Lisa- Sun 01 Jun 2008
Thank you for updating so soon! Another great chapter.

nya- Sun 01 Jun 2008
Awesome please, please update soon and I so hope Yasha at least gets his butt kicked one good time.

Arielle- Fri 30 May 2008
Oh my god this is sooooo goooood! I cant believe u just stopped right there! Ur killing me here!pleeeeease update asap its beautiful! Lovin it n thanks

tonya- Wed 28 May 2008
i like the way this fic is going, its very suspenful, keep up the good work and review soon. =]

WhiteRose-Kurama- Tue 27 May 2008
Wow! I bet i know why she screamed... I wonder what Inuyasha will do to her now that she's pregnant? I really hope Sess teaches him a lesson he won't forget. Keep up the good work and hurry w/ the next chappie :P

Maria- Tue 27 May 2008
Great Chapter! I can't wait for the next one and see what Sesshoumaru does!

Violetcarson- Tue 27 May 2008
OMG! What an evil cliffie! Sesshy had better get his butt up there, and save his woman! It's really sad that she's pregnant with the bastard's child. Anyway, it was a pretty good chapter, and I hope you update soon! Have fun on your trip!!!

missyDee- Mon 26 May 2008
NOOOOOO!!!! You can't leave us like that! Oh, you are so evil, I can't wait for your next update. Great story!

arielle langley- Fri 02 May 2008
Its me again just wanted to say thanks for the other chp n just keep up the great job ur doin n dont pleeeeeease dont abandon this story thanks

WhiteRose-Kurama- Fri 02 May 2008
That was disturbing... how could kagome live through all that? How could Inuyasha do something so horrible to her? I hope Sess can help her heal. Keep up the good work and hurry w/ the next chappie :P

arielle langley- Thu 01 May 2008
Y oh y am i gonna have to wait so long for the update yyyyyyyy?! Anywho i loooove this story its tooooo goood to be true! Please update asap pleeeease!

WhiteRose-Kurama- Wed 09 Apr 2008
Wow! This is getting very interesting. I never thought an abusive relationship could get so out of hand. I wonder what will happen to yasha now? Keep up the good work and hurry w/ the next chappie :P

arielle langley- Wed 09 Apr 2008
this keeps gettin better n better! Good job pleeeease do update asap u have me hooked! N please dont abandon it thsnkd

EvanescentLight- Mon 07 Apr 2008
Aw, Kagome...why did you stay with Inuyasha? Dx

arielle langley- Mon 07 Apr 2008
ohhhhh this is soooooo goooooood! Im loving it! Pleeeease do update asap! I beg of u! N keep up the excellent work ur doing there great job!

emmaren- Sun 06 Apr 2008
I hope you continue this story. I think it could be a very interesting one.

As far Sess leaving her, if she refused to get help, then by alerting the authorties there would be a good chance that he put her life in more danger.

good job


La mome- Sat 05 Apr 2008
Uh... not to be a tool or anything, but if I were in Sesshoumaru's position, the first thing I'd do was get her to a hospital. Then I'd call the cops. I wouldn't leave her alone to face her abuser. I don't think anyone would.

But maybe that's just me. It's your story, after all. It just didn't make much sense to me.

arielle langley- Sat 05 Apr 2008
i must say that i realy do like this story mucho! Its very good please update soon n keep up the good work

*A-Kay*- Sat 05 Apr 2008

I had to listen to it while reading. Anyway, good start. Inuyasha's one hell of a jerk. Well update soon... please.

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