Reviews for Kousoi by Princess Zelda

Dante- Fri 15 Jun 2007
loved it keep it going and the dreams were fine i like um well keep it going and try to be as quick as possisble thanks!

demon13o- Tue 12 Jun 2007
aw! perfect chapter! lol I just loved it and hope to read the next chapter soon!

Ja Ne!

sesshie- Mon 11 Jun 2007
Um ok i like the story, but seshomaru would be able to smell a lie remember? And they both are a little out of character... i mean sesshomaru seems to be showing his emotions more..... um, update soon

luna- Sat 09 Jun 2007
you know that for a second I thought that they were having the same dreams, but hey I am not always right and thank god to that life would be so boring if I would.

demon13o- Wed 06 Jun 2007
-picks up a chopstick and chucks it at the writer angrily-

How dare you end it on a cliff hanger like that... You will be nice and update right now or as soon as that next chapter says 'finished'!!

You must update soon! I must know what happens next!

-quickly looks for the stray mouse to click send-

Ja Ne!

elle6778- Wed 06 Jun 2007
Sorry I haven't been reading or reviewing. Been rather busy recently and won't be able to online much for the next few weeks. But the story is looking good! A bit of a mystery there with Kagome. And of course, Rin must be the one to bring up such a thing, lol!

demon13o- Tue 05 Jun 2007
-dramatic pause-

-the silence continues with slight gasps of surprise-

-the silence is about to end-


Sesshomaru is gonna kidnap our favorite little klutsy Miko!

Darn you, you have hooked me and now you must update soon!!


-evil crackles of laughter as the mouse falls off the desk from the vibration-

Ja Ne!

Kaiya- Thu 31 May 2007
Nice story! :D Please tell me when you update!! xD Hehe I'm wondering whats going to happen!

Sweet_dark_silence aka Waddayaknow- Thu 31 May 2007
PLEASE let me know when you next up date! my email is

Dante- Wed 30 May 2007
That was good keep it up and get a new chapter fast i wanna know what happens to our little kaggy!

luna- Wed 30 May 2007
oo.. so what happen to rin?
anyway that was good, yes, good

Vmint- Tue 29 May 2007
At least Inuyasha didn't blow up at her! But then again, he didn't know that Kags was thinking about Sesshy, ^_^. I guess there is still a chance of that happening!

elle6778- Mon 28 May 2007
Sesshoumaru's non-reaction to Kagome's kidnapping is expected, in a way. After all, as far as he was concerned, it had nothing to do with him. LOL! It was funny when Kagome just launched herself at him, clinging to him with a death grip. And it looks like Kagome is beginning to think about Sesshoumaru a little too much, :P. A few blips here and there but overall, the flow is smoother than the last one. Well done!

elle6778- Fri 11 May 2007
Hi there!! You posted it!! Well done. And I see that you've added some bits at the end. LOL, Kagome actually expected Sesshoumaru to protect her? *grins* I'd love to see the day. There are still a few blips here and there in terms of spelling and past/present tenses, but it is a good start. Keep it'll all come with practice, :P.

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