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Created On: 01/18/2021 17:04:46

THANK YOU so much for taking the time to comment and let me know about the loading mistake! I appreciate that so much. I wouldn't have caught it if you and someone else hadn't said something. I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the mess up!


Created On: 07/07/2020 20:50:52

Thank you so much for your review on Compatibility! I love your rhyme: "I hope Sesshomaru takes the bait because Kags needs a date!" It's so true; she does need a date (preferably a good one!).

Take care, and all the best,


Created On: 04/20/2020 09:32:23

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Close Quarters! And don't worry, we'll find out whose hands those are on the next update


Created On: 07/02/2016 16:07:14

I'm so glad you liked my fanfic! I'm working on the next too chapters and will hopefully be able to post them by next wee. Thank you for the encouragement!



Created On: 05/24/2016 15:07:54

Oh wow, thank you for such a marvellous review for Issues with Intimacy! The scene you came up with was very funny and I especially loved Miroku's involvement in it, sounds like totally something he would do! xD

Glad to know you liked to one shot so much! I was happy to see how it inspired you. ^^

Hope you have a lovely week! ^_^

Kaguya's Chaos

Created On: 05/01/2016 21:46:44

Thank you very much for your reviews! I look forward to getting them each update because I love reading your speculations!! It always brightens my day when I find your review in my inbox. I wish I could give you answers to your speculations, however I'm afraid I have to say you'll have to wait and see.

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you continue to enjoy Her Voice.

Knight of Disorder

Created On: 04/28/2016 02:36:40

Thanks for the review on Pride of the Inu, and pointing that out. It's been so long since I went through the beginning of this story I forgot she died... fixed it now. I hope you enjoy the future updates just as much.


Created On: 04/17/2016 05:46:21

You're very welcome, and thank you for your lovely review on The Shikon and the Miko! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and happy to hear the ending was to your liking.


Created On: 03/31/2016 21:57:07

Thank you so much for the review you left me... 10 months ago... Okay, so I'm even slower replying than I am at updating apparently, but anyhooo, thanks! I may do a sequel if inspiration strikes, but I've been very much AWOL from Dokuga, so... We'll see?


Created On: 02/17/2016 16:56:27

Thanks for the review on Accidentally Funny! As for Kouga, I didn't put him with anybody. I really don't like Kouga all that much - he's way too pushy and he doesn't listen. His personality just drives me crazy.


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