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Hi! Kami I haven’t updated this in an eternity! I’m 32(!!) now and “retired”, which sounds so much nicer than, “I’m too crippled to work.” But I do have a degree in design from DAAP, hence the now old af username, lol.

To keep myself from going crazy due to be stuck home all day, I have an Etsy shop and YouTube channel. Both are under the name Crafty Cyborg. I'm one of those obnoxiously crafty people who can make just about anything. The Etsy shop has a bit of everything from jewelry to hair pieces to cross stitched greeting cards with obscenities on them. The YouTube channel is for cat videos and Story Time vids where I tell goofy stories while working on crafts. It’s kinda like a Reddit reading channel but with unique content from a first hand point of view. Feel free to check me out! http://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftyCyborg

For fun I: read fanfics, spin, crochet, knit, cross stitch, garden, read books, sew, jewlrey making, do wood work, and read anything that doesn't move and contains words. I'm a serious fiber whore, when you get down to it, and spend far to much time knitting and spinning. Along with dreaming up fantastic pieces of furniture.

I have no plans on ever growing up. I love acting like a 5 year old. I still sleep with a stuffed animal. These dats I’m living independently and have 2 cars, Nikola (M) and Tesla (F), who are littermates. There’s also the occasional foster or pet sitting critter in the house.

I have not been writing since my health has gone seriously downhill since graduating high school. I became very ill my last few years of college, and the mild to moderate pain I'd been experiencing in my right leg became severe. We finally got everything figured out, and it's one giant pile of FML. I have: Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia (rare skeletal disease that makes my R femur dissolve from the inside out), full body CRPS (rare pain disease that causes damage to the Sympatheic Nervous System and causes moderate to extreme pain- think fibromyalgia on super steroids then add a few extra weird symptoms and get the picture), autoimmune bullshit of an indeterminate nature, GERD, gastroparesis, IBS-C, ADHD, and more. I rely on forearm crutches or a wheelchair whenever I leave my house (I shuffle around in my socks in my house), I’m on a dizzying cocktail of meds, I get spinal injections every other week, and so on. So yeah, full time patient.


I do plan to eventually return to writing but these days I’m either busy already or feeling too crummy to do much beyond be cat furniture and watch YouTube.

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Kagome is a workaholic fashion designer living in Las Vegas. Sesshomaru is a business man, currently based in NYC and driving his top two executives crazy with his overzealous work habits. Their friends decide their bosses work too hard and decide to intervene. Blackmail, kidnapping, buttgroping, and chaos ensue.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 08 May 2008  -  Updated: 13 Jan 2009
Genre: Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 6  -  Reviews: 16  -  Words: 19,363  -  Reads: 7,630
Kagome enjoys some skin on skin time with everyones favorite Taiyoukai. (Rated for cursing)
Rating: T  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 25 Feb 2009  -  Updated: 25 Feb 2009
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Created On: 07/11/2021 02:31:06
Edited By Silverfurred On: 07/11/2021 02:32:19

Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate you reminding me of All Hallows' Eve as I do have another story I was considering adapting for Dokuga. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks! And thanks again!


Created On: 02/03/2021 02:57:14

Hi! Thank you for your comments on When Comes the Rain, and I'm glad to see you back! Deleting that story was a super hard decision. I agonized over it for weeks. But in the end, it had become something it wasn't intended to be, and I really wanted to show it how it was meant to be shown. So, rewrite, lol. But I'm so glad you've liked the new version. I've been much more at peace with it for sure. I hope you continue to enjoy, and thank you again!


Created On: 03/19/2020 20:14:12

Thanks so much for reviewing Link to the Past! Im glad u liked it.
And i think thats a great idea! Id love to see sess's pov on this. You hearby have my permission to write or draw anything you want that was inspired by anything i wrote. Im hella thirsty for content, and i would love to read it! Have fun!!
Feedback from daapatemysoul: Oh yay! It’ll be a day or two as I need to update both my Etsy and YouTube tomorrow, but I’m so excited to write this! First thing I’ve wanted to write in a long time. I know what I’ll be pondering as I drift to sleep tonight!

Crimson Rose

Created On: 08/08/2017 11:23:49

Lupus is no joke! I hope your able to get the meds you need! Wishing all the healing and positive vibes to you. You rock! Thanks for your review on BL, I appreciate it!

The Hatter Theory

Created On: 07/07/2012 14:42:02

I know there's no way to compete in the rav games, so I'm gracefully (sullenly perhaps) not participating in anything like that. I recently found an alternative SNB close by where I can learn more (because I am that kitten with a ball of yarn sometimes).
I hope you're feeling better, and it's good to hear from you again. I hope all is well in your sphere. *luffson*
Feedback from daapatemysoul: Why can't you compete? All it takes in a project of some sort. I'm knitting a citron (shawl), since it's all stockinette, lol. But I konw a lot of people who are doing things as simple as basic fingerless gloves, which also take minimal yarn if monies an issue.

I'm doing okay health wise. I'm still using the wheels part time, but I'm walking with forearm crutches more and more, and I've even progressed to using only 1 crutch for very short distances (like around the house). Getting the pain fully under control is going to take more than we originally thought. We're looking at new meds, though neither my doc or I are happy I already require 24-hour opiates in order to walk- we were hoping that'd be at least 10 more years and few more surgeries off. Oh well, you do what you do.

Oh! And I just opened my new Etsy shop yesterday!! -http://www.etsy.com/shop/MCSquaredDesigns- It's all accessories. So far I have a few headbands up, I have a bunch more to add, along with some jewlrey I've done. And in the next month or so, I'll be adding hand quilted iPad cases to the list of products, followed eventually by some knitting gear (project bags, fabric yarn bowels that nest into the project bags, stitch markers).

How are you doing? It's been forever!

The Hatter Theory

Created On: 01/02/2012 09:21:37

Wah! Thank you for the review, and it can be tough working through pain like that. I admit I don't have a concept of it, and it's difficult to imagine, which is why your resolution was all the more striking to me. I hope you can work through it, and I hope the surgery heals well. *sends good juju your way*

I am on ravelry, but I've never posted anything on there (will be harassing you soon on there lol). I'm still learning knitting and crochet, mostly knitting though, and my projects are all fairly small. I'm currently working on this: http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/kitty_hood_scarf_with_pockets
I'm done with the hood and I'm working on the scarf today. I also didn't realize you spun anything other than wool *n00b moment*. It would be awesome to learn. I haven't tried to work with alpaca because I'm scared I'll be allergic to it too. I'll check out my lys and grab some to test it.

Happy New Year!

The Hatter Theory

Created On: 12/31/2011 10:24:09

YOU! YOU ARE MY LONG LOST TWIN! Except I can't spin or use wool in my knitting and crochet...because I am allergic (yeah, I know, fiber arts were not a good idea for me). But still! I will remain five years old forever and I am owned by my animals, not the other way around lol. Anywho...lol.
Thank you for your review of BLP, I'm glad you're enjoying. It's always awesome to hear about families getting together, especially if it's been after a long time, and I hope you got sufficient sleep lol. I hope you have a wonderful, awesome, incredibly happy new year!
Feedback from daapatemysoul: I'm allergic to wool, too! Instead of wool, I work with alpaca and a variety of "alternative" fibers. I think in my spinning fiber stash, I currently have alpaca, alpaca/angora, alpaca/silk, silk, soy silk, bamboo, corn silk, and milk silk (also sometimes called "latte". If your ever interetsted in learning to spin, feel free to look me on Ravelry. I use the same screen name there. Actually, are you on Rav? It's the world largest knit/crochet/spinning/fiber arts forum in, and its utterly fabulous. It allows you to look up patterns, see other people's projects, keep track of your own projects and yarns, and a ton more, on top of having a fabulous forum.

Oh, and I need to update my profile, lol. Thanks for making me realize it's two years old now! (I finally gradumacated from college.)

Aubrey Simone

Created On: 05/16/2011 00:49:05

Hey there!

You left a review for my story, A Restless Night's Dream, quite some time ago, and I wanted to let you know that I'll be taking it down for editing and reposting it after I've gotten it up to par.

That being said, if you'd like to be notified of when I start to repost the story, could you please message me your email so that I can add you to the notification list? I won't spam you or anything, I promise!




Created On: 07/13/2010 14:07:07

Actually, I write in normal size twelve font - that's pretty standard, so I can only guess that if yours is appearing larger, there's something wrong with how dokuga is presenting your page, or... there is another way. If you bring up your page, and press control and the minus sign, it will make your page smaller, and if you press control, and the plus sign, it will make it larger. Perhaps that's the problem? Anyway, glad you are enjoying Accidentally Funny, regardless...



Created On: 05/23/2010 16:56:24

Thank you so much for the condolences - they are appreciated. And thanks for the review on Accidentally Funny - glad you enjoyed.


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