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I think it's about time I got an account here.

 Many of you might know me as Youkai Yume, a Sess/Kag fanartist for many years now.  I used to write fanfiction...but not so much anymore. My main contribution these days is my doujinshi, "Raindrops".

 To find more of my artwork and read the doujinshi itself, please visit:

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Youkai Yume


Hello everyone. Gosh, this site has really grown. I've been a SessKag fan for years now, and I think it's about time I joined Dokuga. I'm still getting used to this whole User Interface...

 I don't know if I'll upload my old fanfics here, but for the next couple of days, expect me to upload a lot of my old fanart that I've done over the years...

You can also find me on Deviantart:


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06/14/2009 23:39:32About the Recent Art Theft Shenanigan...Off-Topic Discussion4333


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 SessKag  Obon by YoukaiYume
  • SessKag Obon by YoukaiYume
  • Category: Fanart
 SessKag  Hair Braiding by YoukaiYume
  • SessKag Hair Braiding by YoukaiYume
  • Category: Fanart
 SessKag  Gentle by YoukaiYume
  • SessKag Gentle by YoukaiYume
  • Category: Fanart
 SessKag  Valentine Sweets by YoukaiYume
  • SessKag Valentine Sweets by YoukaiYume
  • Category: Fanart
 SessKag  Tug o   Luv
  • SessKag Tug o Luv
  • Category: Fanart
 SessKag  The Mistress by YoukaiYume
  • SessKag The Mistress by YoukaiYume
  • Category: Fanart
 SessKag  Just Bliss by YoukaiYume
  • SessKag Just Bliss by YoukaiYume
  • Category: Fanart
  SessKag   Condom  by YoukaiYume
  • SessKag Condom by YoukaiYume
  • Category: Doujinshi
  SessKag   Passing By by YoukaiYume
  • SessKag Passing By by YoukaiYume
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Name Entry

Created On: 11/10/2009 20:34:57

Hey! I am a huge fan of yours on deviantART, and simply adore Raindrops and all your sesskag work too. ^-^ I just came across this site by a reference from Lady Shieru on deviantART and saw you were here! I just adore your work, I hope to see things here sometime!


Created On: 10/31/2009 18:04:22

i love your art. i can not wait for new ones

Murasaki Ame

Cyane Rain Black
Created On: 10/29/2009 23:05:24

I have just realized that I have seen your art in a lot of places and never connected it all to the same person! I love your art style! It is a amazing! Keep it up!


Created On: 10/25/2009 14:46:40
Edited By Kanna37 On: 10/25/2009 14:47:40

I just recently discovered your story Raindrops - along with the accompanying artwork, and I can say, in just minutes, you made me into a rabid fan. Do you intend to finish the story? I really hope so, because I can honestly say I haven't seen anything so beautiful - ever. Not just the artwork, but the characterizations. Kagome is absolutely spot on, and Sesshoumaru as well.

And the way you draw them - absolutely gorgeous. I believe I like your Sesshoumaru better than the original manga, he's beautiful, and Kagome seems so much more expressive when you draw her.

Nothing more I can say, really, except that I think you would break a lot of peoples hearts if you didn't continue the story. I know mine would be.

Keep up the beautiful work - and congrats on your recent win with your piece Papa-sama... I can tell you that I was the first to vote the night noms came open - and there was never a question in your category, the only possible choice was your work. Once again - gorgeous.

A New but Devoted Fan,



Created On: 07/29/2009 00:25:21
Edited By Dee Surigao On: 07/29/2009 00:26:00

Just wanted to let you know that I am fan of your art. I am also an avid fan of 'Raindrops', I constantly check if there are any updates. I will continue to follow your work. Thank you and keep up the amazing work.


Created On: 06/16/2009 01:09:31

I just wanted to inform you of my adoration for your lovely art--truely amazing and awe-inspiring.

I wish you the best and look forward to more greatness.


Dragon Wings
Created On: 06/15/2009 21:09:09

I love your art. I wish i could draw as well as you. . Your awesome.

Created On: 01/14/2009 08:20:16
Edited By Possessed On: 01/14/2009 08:23:34

Welcome to Dokuga, so glad to see you here!
If you have any questions, you can contact Nobody (genius), Abraxas (whiz) or myself (last resort).
I have seen your artwork all over, even have a few banners featuring it, and I love your style! Thank-you for sharing it!
Feedback from Youkai Yume: thanks. ^^


Created On: 01/12/2009 22:28:07
Edited By Honey-Bee On: 01/13/2009 14:46:17

Youkai Yume! *Hugs* It's great to finally see you here at this site. You don't know me, but I've been a big fan of your artwork for years! Many times I've wanted to comment on your drawings, but I've never had an account on DA to do so. *Sighs* Well, at least I can comment on your artwork here! I just hope I don't come off as some obsessive stalker. lol. I get a little over-excited at times, is all... It's just my inner fangirl breaking through the chains. *Grins* Well, I hope to see more from you soon! Raindrops is the best!
Feedback from Youkai Yume: Don't worry, lol. the more the merrier!


Created On: 01/12/2009 12:49:25

Great to see you here! I'm InuyashaSesshomaru on dA and have been following your work for quite some time. ^^ Good luck, although you won't need it here - they'll love you!
Feedback from Youkai Yume: lol. don't worry, i recognize you 8D

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