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As you have witnessed, I can be pretty funny when I'm in a fair mood. Although, even if I am in a sour mood I'll try to liven things up =]. How rude of meh! I forgot to introduce myself.. Hello, my name is unimportant. Although you may ask if you'd like to know. I am a girl(whoo! big surprise ¬¬) that's from Florida but currently living in Missouri. I know right, weird lol. Ano, I've had my fair share of exploring the creative world when I was in my early teens and Id given it up for something I thought would be better: False love. Although, now I'm starting to regain my composure in it and hopefully I'll start drawing, writing, and playing music like I once did. I like constructive critisism even on some bad days. Hm... this is alot of babble just to describe myself.. here's a summary of it all. =]

Age: 21

Eyes:Very very dark brown. Once looked black.

Hair: Extremely Black

Personality: As I said before, I'm really laid back and I can take whatever you give me as long as it's in good intensions. Meaning: You're not really trying to make me kill you in your sleep *sweet smile*. I don't usually like to talk about "touchy" subjects like politics and things that have to be debated on which is better than the other. Why can't the world just smoke one big blunt and live happy? lol Ano, just to clear things up now.. I don't smoke pot. Although, a few of my real life friends from high school and work do d=.

Pet peeves: I don't have any that I can think of at the top of my head but as you get to know me, you'll learn what they are when I blurt out, "Guh! I hate that!"

Favorite Movies: I'm still a child at heart. To be honest, I still watch disney movies. Mainly the cartoon ones such as, "The Lion King", "Aladdin", "Beauty and the Beast", etc... YES! I ADMIT! I WILL NEVER LET GO OF MICKEY! I also love comedies/romance like "The Proposal" and "The Love Guru"(Which I can almost qoute the whole movie w/the help of my boyfriend... and yes, I do have a boyfriend c;) My utmost favorite romance is "Moulin Rouge". I LURVS IT SO MUCHO! c3

Favorite TV shows: House, Royal Pains, Private Practice, Monk, Family Guy, almost all animes that have been on Adult Swim c;, Discovery: Health and Investigation, Animal planet, History channel, and Real Chance at Love.

Books: Twilight series, Lois Lowry's The giver, Gathering Blue, and The Messanger

Motto(s): Live your life to the fullest l:l Laugh at all the things that don't matter l:l Love with all you have & more; Life is too short to be upset majority of the time.

If that doesn't sum it all up then idk what would! Well.. I didn't put some stuff on there but you can just ask me for the rest yourself d=




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A series of silliness! Possible action @,@ included! Standard disclaimer.
Rating: K+  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Oneshot Collections  -  Created: 03 Jan 2012  -  Updated: 08 Jan 2012
Genre: Action, Friendship, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 20  -  Reviews: 0  -  Words: 4,002  -  Reads: 5,574
It's been many seasons since I last saw the light of the sun outside of the chains which bind me to this wretched hole... Seasons spent waiting... Listening to the troll of a human bid off my kind to the other smelling humans as slaves... Soon, soon I will be out. Once I am deemed non-threatening and sold, I shall have my revenge, until then...
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 29 Aug 2012  -  Updated: 31 Aug 2012
Genre: Action, Angst, Erotica, Friendship, Romance  -  Chapters: 2  -  Reviews: 1  -  Words: 5,346  -  Reads: 7,733


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Name Entry
Freya Ishtar

Created On: 11/27/2012 08:23:20

OMG! I am so sorry that I never replied to your last post on my wall! I'm sorry, I haven't gotten notifications about posts in many months. *sigh* I'm finally (FINALLY) working on an update for Stealing Heaven and it got me to thinking "Huh, I haven't checked into Dokuga for a while . . . ." Yes, the kids are in school, but it hasn't helped much as far as trying to make a semi-work-week-like schedule, since I still have the baby at home and NY has been a mess (the beginning of the school year is kind of spotty with holidays and half-days as it is, and then Sandy rolled through and everyone was stranded in their homes for a week or longer), so I'm still scrambling to get my 'career writing' done so I can make time for my 'fun writing' (*cough* fanfic *cough*). And I can completely sympathize- I wake up every morning sooner than I should actually have to just to get him ready and out of the house. Sure, I could let him do it himself, but it's quicker if I just throw food and clothes at him and shove him out the door XD.

Freya Ishtar

Created On: 08/15/2012 06:25:36
Edited By Freya Ishtar On: 08/15/2012 06:26:55

Nope, never have written a Naraku/Kagome pairing, but you asking that makes me kinda wish I had .

And I'm trying to update, but with the publishing and having the kids home for the summer, everything's gotten a bit scattered and muddied, I'm so sorry!

Freya Ishtar

Created On: 04/20/2012 18:17:57

Cliffhangers . . . it's what I do


Created On: 06/01/2010 02:53:28

Dear Aoi!!! *hugggles* How have you been?? I was so glad to receive your wall post! Thank you for reviewing Wisteria as well; I could always count on you for support! And I would also like to tell you that jgem (a fellow friend here on Dokuga) has drawn a stunning fanart for Wisteria's chapter 50!! It was absolutely beautiful, and I highly recommend you take a look at it.

It's so amazing!

And yes, I should have chomped more books while I was studying!! It's a little too late for that, now that I've just graduated. LOL. How're you doing dearie? I missed you!!


Created On: 04/25/2010 06:43:52

LOL dear Aoi, I love to write because fanfiction is somewhere where my creative juices can flow free! Besides, I get to interact with the readers and make good friends with amazing people like yourself! It's so nice that we share the Sess/Kag love!

Well, it's so much nicer to be tall than short!! I used to dream of growing taller but I kinda stopped growing, LOL, but believe it or not, I am considered tall by Asian standards. 5'8" is such a pretty height!! You can wear those amazing maxi dresses and look great in them! And well, the fact that someone tries to flirt with your boyfriend means you have a gem on your hands!! So treasure him! (I am sure you will ) If no one bothers to even glance at him, then you should be a little worried LOL! So, some healthy competition is good

Hahaha I couldn't stop laughing when I read what you said about his farts! That reminded me of something I wrote in "Jealous of You"...LOL, when Kagome talked to Sesshoumaru about farting. LOL. It's so sweet to be in a relationship Awwww. You're making me feel like falling in love again!

Awww I understand what you mean about slow updates, because I too, am guilty of it! >.


Created On: 04/24/2010 23:34:24

Hi sweetie!! Thank you so much for all the stunning reviews you've left for my stories! I really really appreciate them You made my day, afternoon, night...everything!! I am a little sad that The Third Parties came to an end though; I enjoyed writing it so much.

It's really nice to have such a great sibling! LOL 6'4" is REALLYYYY TALL. Gosh. I stand at somewhere between 5'3" and 5'4", so now I am imagining Snow White and one dwarf. HAHA. Lucky you, to have a big brother figure in your life! But I am sure if I were your older sister I'd take care of you too since you're such a sweetie!

LOL I think it's soooo cute when you talk about your boyfriend! There's this sense of endearment behind the words How cute!! How long have you guys been together?

Oh gosh, I am so glad you've left that horrid slave-driving place behind! You deserve to work happily And YAY for time to read at work!! That's soooo nice! I'd love to be on Dokuga 24/7 so I can talk to you and read the amazing stories here! There are sooo many amazing writers here and I love their works. I am currently hooked onto "Embrace the Silence" by Trouble in Shangri-la. It's...PERFECT. I've never read something so good.


Created On: 04/20/2010 22:49:53

Dear Aoi! I received your lovely review on Chapter 53 of Wisteria! Thank you, my dear! You make my day and night And guess what, I've just updated the story with chapter 54. The plot moves on more, and the fluff gets thicker and thicker until it is almost beginning to translate into passion. LOL. I love you lots!! Thank you for always being so kind with your lovely words and support. I can feel it, really. You're in no way stalkerish, so don't worry! I've met a real one though, but that's another story LOL.

Your family is really sweet and fun! Do you have siblings? I have two younger brothers and while they drive me insane sometimes, it is nice to have them around. Anyway, smoked salmon sandwiches are such amazing food!! I love it. Besides junk food like donuts and whatnot. Eat more dearie! *huggles*

Hope work went well! It sounds fun to work at a gas station!! I fear workplace politics more than anything on earth. Seriously. It sucks.


Created On: 04/19/2010 11:34:07

AOI-DEAR!! How have you been?? I haven't heard from you in a long time! I was busy with my evil work/assignments/research papers and FINALLY got them done last week. It is now my one week study break and I am feeling rather liberated and happy though I'd have to start studying for the final exams tomorrow. Then I'd graduate, and I'll be a happy girl. Thank you for your kind words on my pictures!! I eat wayyy too much for my own good as you can see, and LOL yes, the cakes and sandwiches were fantastic! I lurrrved the smoked salmon tea sandwich. Yummms. Anyway dearie why didn't you eat for 12 hours?? Gosh. Please do try to grab a bite next time!

Thank you for the brilliant reviews of Peony Lantern!! Gosh you make me blush with your kind words! I really, really appreciate the lovely reviews. So sorry for scaring you!! LOL I scared myself with writing it too! And to think I wrote it at 2am. *shudders* Wisteria has been updated, so please check it out dear!! Thank you for your support!

AND GOSH, I LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF when I read about your funny family experience! What an adorable pair of parents you have dearie! They sound soooo sweet and hilarious too!! Hahaha I bet your mom nearly flipped when she heard about it. LOL. Nothing beats a loving, happy family, and I am so glad that we are kids from happy families! I missed you too!! Congratulations on finding a great job! I am so happy for you!! What are you working as, anyway?


Created On: 04/04/2010 11:28:51

Awww Aoi-dear, stunning review as always...honestly, what did I do to deserve such an amazing friend in you?? Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I write because of you guys and my love for this amazing pairing Definitely nothing too amazing or professional, but of course, I'd love reward from you in the form of your enjoyment of the story! as long as you guys like it, I am happy If I write "grade-A works", you must be "Grade A reader/friend"! I am so glad Wistera could chase the blues away for you! I understand how good reads can change one's mood.

Thank you so much for the fanart effort!! I truly, truly appreciate it. But of course, you are such a busy girl, so take your time with it Good things are worth waiting for!


Created On: 04/02/2010 11:39:40

Wisteria 52 is here!!! With 4000 words! I sincerely hope you love it; in fact, I dedicated it to you and Madison for being such lovely friends/readers/supporters!! I love you guys to the max!!! Awww guys who hide themselves in shells are the nicest of all! Beats those who are always trying to impress or trying to be so cool. That's really disturbing!!

And yes, stay strong, stay strong! I have been single for a year and 3 months for now, and well, when I was in a relationship it was indeed hard to keep the passion at bay. LOL. But of course, it takes the effort of two to make it work, so you can definitely make it with your gem of a guy! Wish you guys much love!!

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