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I was soaring ever higher; but I flew too high.

Full time student-athlete at Bradley University on the women's basketball team. Drawing major and Interactive Media minor. Love to read and used to write more in what I used to call free time.

January 5, 2012

Wow, I feel like I haven't been on here in forever! >> Things are getting crazy here with basketball season--not that I am complaining--this is my favorite time of the year. ;) If anyone is interested in keeping up with me, my Twitter, Kik, and Instagram name is GoonieSchmayll. Feel free to look me up or PM me! Thanks all.


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It's tough being the only insane one.


Twenty year old artist and student-athlete at Bradley University in Illinois.

I used to write fanfiction--now I stick to reading it.


I draw things.


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An epic quest was the only way she could describe it. Who knew such a little jewel would cause such a mess? [Full sum inside]
Rating: M  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 11 May 2012  -  Updated: 11 May 2012
Genre: Action, Drama, Friendship, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 2  -  Words: 1,115  -  Reads: 4,127


Total number of images: 13

Cruel Wanting
  • Cruel Wanting
  • Category: Fanart
We Shall Not Speak Of This
  • We Shall Not Speak Of This
  • Category: Fanart
But I'm Still Breathing
  • But I'm Still Breathing
  • Category: Fanart
Hold Me
Shikon Miko
  • Shikon Miko
  • Category: Fanart
Their Time
Her Kit
The Inu Girls
  • The Inu Girls
  • Category: Fanart
Footsteps Even Lighter
  • Footsteps Even Lighter
  • Category: Fanart

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Face Time!
Winds of Change
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Midnight Song

Created On: 07/03/2013 21:58:06

I don't understand your review LOL. So many feels?

DN Silence

Created On: 03/27/2013 15:02:29
Edited By DN Silence On: 03/27/2013 19:18:45

Thank you for your lovely comments on my arts. Reviews always help encouraging writter/artists to put more effort in their progesses.So I really appreciate your support. I'm glad that you like them *head off to stalk your profile*


Open Office Document
Created On: 10/17/2012 17:30:59

Thank you for all of your wonderful reviews on MoaB!!! XD I'm so happy that you are enjoying it, and the new update schedule! Next chapter will be up some time tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled! Gah- I could hug you for all the awesome review you give mai stories X3

Midnight Song

Created On: 10/14/2012 18:43:38

LMFAO. You amuse me, so much! I plan to continue writing until I hit ch. 200, then it's back to bio studying, lol. What are you putting off?

Midnight Song

Created On: 09/20/2012 19:59:23

HHHIIIII! I'm so glad to be back LOL! I'm really glad you liked the updates because per usual, your review made me smile! ^//^ Thank you!!!
Feedback from DescendingFrost: Haha you're very welcome! :3 As usual, you're wonderful appreciation for my support encourages me to continue doing so. X3


Still out of my mind!
Created On: 09/19/2012 20:36:05

So when I woke up at 4 in the morning, I actually think my inescapable senses were tickling and made it so that I woke up and read it. Which I wanted to review at that time but decided I needed to roll over and go back to sleep... XD Hope that isn't creepy in the least. Anyway, beautifully written chapter and I cannot wait to read more! Please, help my poor soul and make it soon! 8D oh please~

SQUEE! That is so AWESOME! I was Inescapable Senses! I want tingling!!! I'm so glad you liked this chapter I shall run off and work on the next chapter now!!! Just for you!!! THANK YOU FOR TEH LOVERLY REVIEW!!!
Feedback from DescendingFrost: Haha you're very welcome! Always happy to share my very early morning reading adventures with anyone ;3


Out of my mind
Created On: 09/18/2012 15:02:18

Thank you for the review on Inescapable! I was so worried about how dark that chapter was XD Glad to know I pulled it off! Hopefully the next chapter will be up either later today or tomorrow!


Created On: 09/13/2012 07:39:05

Thank you so much for your review on Paper Lanterns. I'm glad you are enjoying it!
Feedback from DescendingFrost: You're very welcome! :3


Created On: 07/25/2012 20:16:56
Edited By Itsumademo On: 07/25/2012 20:17:15

awwwww~, you make me want to write more of them ^ 3^
Feedback from DescendingFrost: Aww you're too nice~ our writing spirit! ^^~


Created On: 07/22/2012 19:34:43

ohmy! :O thank you so very much for your review on my drabble pieces! ^-^
it means a great deal to me and i shall try to do more :3
your comment made my day *huggle*

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