Stealthy Entertainment by Serena530

Chapter 1

High in the dark night sky a tall pale figure sped through the air on a soft-looking cloud. It was actually a cloud of youki, and the tall figure was none other than the Lord of the Western lands; Sesshomaru.

The lord stood relaxed yet always alert as he gazed off into the distance on his way home. He was returning from an obligatory visit with the Southern Lord and currently wished for nothing more than to relax in his own personal space before he had to get back to the paperwork that he knew was still littering his desk.

As he traveled his gaze wandered before drifting downward. He stared for a few long moments before he realized he was near the slowly expanding Edo village. As the village itself came into view he impulsively decided that after the visit he had just endured he would like to spend the remainder of his night better occupied than what he had previously had in mind.

He wrapped his youki tightly around himself as he descended toward the village making himself essentially invisible to all senses, and when his booted feet touched the ground he casually yet stealthily, despite his tightly wrapped youki, made his way through the village toward a specific hut.

When he arrived he scented that the one he wished to see was inside and alone, and asleep judging by the sound of their heartbeat and soft steady breathing.

Sesshomaru slowly pulled the long hanging mat aside from the doorway and slipped inside before replacing the mat as if it had never been disturbed. His eyes drifted around the room to visually verify what his senses had already told him. The one he came to see was indeed alone.

The Miko Kagome lay on her futon under a small pile of bed coverings, which was not entirely unexpected considering the air was so cold that one could see their breath. He of course wasn't at all affected, but she clearly was; being a delicate human after all.

Her face and dark hair were illuminated by the low fire that was glowing and softly crackling in the pit in the middle of the floor. He watched her restful peaceful face in her slumber stroking the soft looking skin with his golden eyes while his mind supplied the memory of striking blue orbs.

The miko had returned from her three year absence, and when it became clear that she was no longer romantically connected to the whelp he allowed his curiosity free reign. His mind had come up with many questions and fantasies that involved the little miko, which had only increased once he learned that she had grown more powerful since the last time he had seen her.

Slowly and silently he began to remove his swords and armor as one particular fantasy drifted through his mind. He quietly placed them in an empty corner, not at all concerned with needing them since he knew he could very well protect the both of them without them, before he toed off his boots, careful of his claws, and lined them up neatly next to his armor.

He looked back to the miko and placed his hand on the wood wall before he called on his youki and carefully constructed a barrier that would hide any scent, power, and keep beings out. The miko's little home was between two other huts. One that housed the elder miko, Rin, and the kit Shippo, and the other that housed the former monk, slayer, and their pups.

The idiotic whelp he was unfortunate enough to be related to had yet to mature enough to understand that it was highly inappropriate to burst into someone's home without an invitation. He had also seen since her return to this time that the boy seemed to think just because they were close friends that he was entitled to come and go as he pleased.

That is unacceptable. He thought quietly as he allowed his youki to spread along the walls to form the barrier as if it was an added protective layer around the hut. Almost like a second layer of skin would be.

That being done Sesshomaru stepped toward the miko's simple futon and knelt at her side. He gently stroked the pads of the fingers of his left hand across her cheek, careful of his claws, and his eyes narrowed in quiet pleasure at the softness he found there.

Her skin was slightly warm, not as warm as it should be given how cold it was, but clearly warm enough to allow her to sleep comfortably. Clawed fingers carefully moved and ran through her dark locks; thoroughly enjoying the soft silkiness of the mass.

He almost hated to wake her, but his current fantasy called for it. Not to mention it would be pointless for him to be there if he was simply going to watch her sleep.

Sesshomaru firmed his caresses to her soft cheek, and moved his fingers down to stroke her neck, moving her bed coverings down in the process.


Kagome shifted slightly and hummed softly at the feel of gentle fingers caressing her face. She could not remember what she was dreaming, but it must have been nice if it was following her into her semi-consciousness.

The caressing fingers moved down her neck and she unconsciously stretched it to try and prolong the feeling. However, when she felt the weight of her covers shifting down with the caressing fingers she finally cracked her eyes open.

She blinked in sleepy surprise at the sight of a kneeling Sesshomaru. Even kneeling as he was at her side he looked large in her little hut. Beyond the surprise of his presence she was surprised at the way he was behaving with her.

He was being very hands on, gentle, but still very much in her personal space. His fingers continued to caress her neck and cheek and occasionally ran through her hair as he gradually lowered her covers down to her waist.

Kagome watched him silently, enjoying his caresses even as she wondered if she was still dreaming. After all, here was Lord Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's older half-brother, caressing her as if he was used to the action.

But if I'm dreaming… She thought as she hesitantly lifted a hand and brought it up to cup his face.

Sesshomaru leaned into her palm and she began to caress his cheek and stroke his stripes curiously now that she knew he was okay with her touching him.

So soft. She thought as she continued to caress his face. These are even softer. She thought as her fingers slid along the magenta stripes on his cheek.

Kagome bit her bottom lip before she ventured to slide her fingers back along the stripes and trace the elf-like ear there. The skin there was soft as well and she was so fascinated with the point of his ear; especially when it twitched, which caused her to breathe out a barely there gasp that she knew he heard loud and clear.

Suddenly she felt a burst of cold and she paused in her pursuit to gain another twitch as she dropped her gaze only to find that he had loosened her sleeping yukata. The skin of her chest was exposed with only a hint of her breasts visible.

She looked back up to him, her hand hanging in the air, as she gazed into those narrow exotic golden eyes. It became abruptly clear to her what he wanted as she read the desire in his depths.

Is that what I want? She asked herself, forcing herself to ignore the cold for the moment.

She had enjoyed his caresses, even though they hadn't drifted beyond her neck, and he had let her touch him in return. She certainly wasn't afraid of him. She had been surprised to find him in her hut when she woke up but not scared of his presence.

What would more of his caresses feel like? She wondered. I want to know, but…

Kagome bit her lip and looked toward the doorway of her hut hesitantly. There was no door, just a hanging mat, so sound would easily travel. She was surrounded on both sides by her friends, and what she considered her second family. They could hear her, hear them, if they did what he intended.

A long clawed finger gently covered her lips, and her eyes flashed back to his as she instantly understood that he thought they would just have to be quiet.

She nodded slightly and took a steadying breath before she parted her lips and took his clawed finger into her mouth. She slowly sucked the warm digit highly aware of the danger; not only of the sharp claw but the poison that it could produce at his will.

Sesshomaru's breath caught at the miko's unexpected move, and his eyelids lowered as pleasure instantly raced through his body and seemed to gather in his nether region; hardening him to emphasize his desire for the miko in front of him.

His lips parted as he breathed in a slow draw of air, and then he watched as her hand, still in the air between them, lifted up to his mouth. He held still, enjoying the feel of his finger in her hot moist mouth, and felt as her finger traced his long fangs.

He watched her eyelids lower as if she found pleasure in the simple action or perhaps it was desire. Clearly he wasn't the only one curious this night.

Sesshomaru reluctantly pulled his finger from her mouth and the hot tongue that had been stroking it, and stood up before he quickly stripped down until he stood naked before her.

The miko's eyes widened and a blush painted her face, but she didn't look away. In fact she seemed to take in her fill; her eyes casually drifting along each of his limbs, tracing his stripes, and stopping on his hardness. Hardness that grew harder as she stared.

Kagome blinked as Sesshomaru suddenly appeared close at her side again. She gasped to see the pale yet healthy skin of his chest up close, and the lean muscles along his chest and abs.

Muscles that she knew, in spite of their visibility, in no way showed the truth of his strength.

Then she gasped again as he pulled the covers back and away and stripped her of her yukata and panties so fast she didn't even see or feel it happen until she lay on her futon just as naked as him.

She blushed again and before she had time to become embarrassed his long heated body was covering hers, and her pile of covers was covering him nearly up to his shoulders.

Sesshomaru looked down at the wide blue eyes of the blushing miko beneath him thoroughly enjoying the feel of her soft breasts pressed against his chest.

As soon as she had registered his weight on top of her she parted her legs, which allowed him to settle between them and feel her personal warmth against his hardness. Her hands moved to his head and he felt her small fingers slowly move through his hair, and listened as she sighed; clearly enjoying the silky texture of his cool locks.

I love his hair. Kagome thought as soon as she touched his silky moonlight locks. It was so long and shiny and moved like silk, and now she knew for a fact that it felt like it as well.

She stroked her fingers through the long locks, following the length, moving one hand beneath the covers and as far down his back as she could reach before she moved her hand back up to the top of his head and repeated the movement with her other hand.

As Kagome enjoyed the feel of the demon lord's hair she gazed up into his golden eyes, and closed hers as she saw his face leaning toward hers. A light hum sounded from her throat as she felt his lips press against hers.

Soft. She thought softly.

Sesshomaru pulled back and pressed his lips to the miko's again before he traced his tongue along the seam between them. They parted instantly and he slipped his tongue inside, and explored the small heated cavern that had housed his finger not long ago.

He had only recently been introduced to the joys of kissing since that was something only humans engaged in. However, he found he enjoyed the soft feel of her plump lips, the hint of her taste on them, and the explosion of her unique flavor when his tongue entered the cavern of her mouth.

Already he was addicted to tasting her this way, and he wasn't sure he cared to try and change that.

Kagome moaned softly into the demon lord's mouth as she gently held his mouth to hers with a hand on the back of his head. The way he moved his tongue around hers and against it made her shiver in pleasure. It was slow and sensual, and she wished he would never stop.

She shifted her tongue until she came upon one of his fangs, and slowly traced it as she slid her leg against his. Instantly she felt him press his hips down against hers and she gasped at the pleasurable feel.

Sesshomaru pulled his tongue and lips from hers, but pressed his forehead to hers even as he continued to press his hips against hers. The heat there was gradually increasing, and he wanted to feel more of it; to coat himself in her scent.

He pulled his hips back and pressed them to hers again and repeated the motion again and again until he was rocking his hips against hers.

He could feel the heat against his hardness increasing with his movements, and could smell her desire more clearly. The pleasant aroma wafting up through the open space at their chests each time he rocked his hips.

His tongue slid across her lips before he moved his face and lips to the side of her neck. This was something else he had been introduced to since demons would find this position too vulnerable.

Trust had to be there, and when it came to him he had to not just trust in general but entrust his very life in order to allow it.

The miko clearly trusted him to allow his fangs so close to such a vital area. But she did seem to have a fascination with his fangs, so he would not disappoint her.

Sesshomaru kissed the stretch of skin before he dragged his fangs up the length of her neck, and felt her entire body shudder and her head tilt back as if to stretch her neck. His instincts flared at the submissive move, and he wrapped his lips around the spot and suckled as he continued to rock his hips.

Kagome moaned softly, thoroughly enjoying the pleasure he was giving her with his hips and mouth. Part of her couldn't believe this was happening, that Sesshomaru was the one causing her to feel such pleasure.

It was clear he was in no hurry, and she was learning that when he gave pleasure he was thorough.

And considerate. She thought, since he had yet to move in a way that would displace her covers and make her cold. Of course, she was more toasty than she had been before she fell asleep since he was radiating so much heat.

His hands began to stroke her sides and she sighed as it added to her pleasure. His large hands stroked over her hips and down her thighs before returning and caressing over her breasts.

She gasped and arched her back, pressing her chest further into his hands, at the almost electric feel.

Sesshomaru pulled his mouth from the miko's neck as she relaxed her body back on the futon, and looked at her round breasts. He wanted to feast on them but that would shift the covers down, and she would likely get cold and that would disrupt his enjoyment.

Perhaps another time. He thought before he brought his lips to hers in a deep yet slow kiss.

As he enjoyed the slide of her tongue against his he felt the fingers of one of her hands sliding through his hair while the fingers of the other caressed the tip of his ear. Clearly she enjoyed the feel of his hair and had a fascination with the tip of his ears.

Something to keep in mind. He thought, adding to the catalog of things she silently found fascinating about him before he decided it was time to move things along.

Sesshomaru shifted his hips and, with practiced precision, slowly eased himself inside her moist heated body; his length pulsing in pleasure from the action as well as the reminder of how she had taken his finger into her mouth. He moved slowly, so slowly, wanting her to feel each and every inch of him, as he eased his hips forward.

Despite his hips movements he did not let up on the kiss they were currently sharing. Their lips continued to move slowly, their tongues swirling around each other in a slow dance, as he savored the feel of her inner walls clenching around him the further inside her he reached.

Kagome moaned softly into Sesshomaru's mouth as she felt him finally stop moving forward. His hips were fully pressed against hers, and she appreciated that he was remaining still so she could get used to the size of him.

She moved her hand away from his ear and placed it gently on the back of his head and left the other tangled in his hair on his upper back as she allowed herself to get lost in the feeling of kissing him.

She still couldn't believe she was kissing him, that he was willingly kissing her. This gorgeous demon, who she knew had female admirers beating down his door, had come to her, was kissing her with his soft lips, was covering her with his long perfect body, had his hard length resting inside her.

For whatever reason he had chosen to come to her, that he wanted her. Her in her little hut, in an insignificant human village, and he was being so gentle and tender. One would think if he was going to take the time to come to a human hut in the middle of the night he would be about gaining his pleasure quickly and leaving.

But he wasn't. He was taking his time, and seemed to be enjoying every moment.

The miko slightly spread her legs, bending them so her heels touched his calves as her knees drifted away from him a little.

He took that opportunity to lift himself onto his lower arm and slipped his free hand between them and carefully found the ball of nerves above her entrance. He stroked it just as slowly as he had entered her, but with a firmness that guaranteed she would instantly feel pleasure.

Her breath caught, confirming his certainty, and her inner walls clenched around him in further response.

Sesshomaru continued to stroke the miko as he kissed her. He felt her body heat steadily rise, her inner walls clenching with his every stroke, and her hips occasionally try to lift against his.

He parted their lips as he felt her struggle to keep up their kiss, but remained close, feeling her breath puff against his lips. Her breaths came faster and faster, her moans rising in pitch yet stifled when she caught herself growing louder.

Soon she was gasping loudly, her body was tensing, her arms and hands tightening on him as her legs snapped against him in an attempt to close, and her inner walls clenching rhythmically around him.

Kagome panted lightly as her body relaxed from the slight burst of pleasure that shot through her. She was surprised that she had had her release from nothing more than kissing and him rubbing her. Although, she supposed having her legs spread a bit, and the feel of his length inside her had helped.

She opened her eyes and immediately found herself drowning in gold as she felt him move his hand out from between them. He raised an eyebrow and she returned the gesture before she pressed on the back of his head to silently signal she wanted him to kiss her.

Thankfully he responded and lowered his head before pressing his lips to hers. The pressure of his lips against hers was gentle yet firm, and stayed that way each time their lips parted and came back together. More importantly it continued when he slanted his mouth over hers and slipped his tongue pass her lips and into her mouth.

Then he moved. He rocked his hips back and eased them forward so slowly that her entire body shuddered at the friction of his length moving against her inner walls. He lifted his hips and again eased back inside her, but this time his tongue mirrored his movements and she felt herself clench around him as she moaned softly in pleasure.

Sesshomaru thoroughly plundered the cavern of the miko's mouth as he eased himself back and forth inside her moist heated core. Just as he had before he enjoyed the feel of her plump lips against his, and the explosion of her unique flavor as his tongue moved around her mouth.

This was what he wanted when he decided to come here tonight. The pleasure of being inside the miko's heated snug body, the feel of her soft body cushioning his, and the feel of her gentle hands moving over him and touching him in a way no one else would be allowed.

In a way no one else had ever been allowed.

He was experienced, however, he wasn't the type of male who slept around. His previous encounters with females had been few and far between, and had always been impersonal with him demanding they assume the position and not to expect affection on his part. He had solely been about satisfying his needs and made that fact perfectly clear from the start.

But with the Miko Kagome he allowed it. He welcomed it. He enjoyed it.

Kagome moaned softly into Sesshomaru's mouth as he moved within her. His pace had not changed. He still move back and forth inside her at a slow steady pace as his tongue traveled around her mouth at the same speed.

It felt so good. The friction of him moving inside her was almost maddening with just how good it felt. She trembled with every shift of his hips, and a soft moan drift up her throat and into his mouth every time so he knew just how much she enjoyed what he was doing to her.

She didn't know how much time later but he eventually broke their kiss and slid his mouth down to suckle her neck. She licked her lips and panted lightly as she ran her fingers through his hair with one hand and gently traced the point of his ear with her other.

He shuddered lightly as soon as her fingers began to glide along the shell of his ear, and she swore she felt his fangs lightly against her neck before he growled ever so softly. In the next moment he moved his hand back between them, but instead of traveling lower to where they were connected he went higher and rested his hand on her breast.

A soft moan drifted pass the miko's lips and Sesshomaru squeezed her breast to hear it again. He was rewarded with the pleasing sound, and he rewarded her in return with a few hard thrusts that had her gifting him with soft halting moans and gentle clinging.

He lifted his face and moved his lips back to hers in an intense kiss that conveyed his passion and pleasure even as he enjoyed the feel of her lips and her unique flavor as his tongue breached her mouth.

He continued to keep his thrusts slow but as his passion grew he lengthened and hardened them. He broke their kiss as he felt her body trying to arch against him in her pleasure and listened to her panting breaths.

Her face was a sight to behold. He memorized the way her lashes rested against her cheeks with her eyes closed, the flush red bathing her face mixed with the glow from the fire made her look exotic, and her lips parted in a perfectly small round shape as she panted and tried to keep her sounds soft and quiet since it was impossible to remain silent.

He was incredibly proud of that fact since it meant he was pleasing her so well that she could not keep silent.

Kagome opened her eyes and was immediately lost in gold as Sesshomaru locked his sight on hers. His hips hadn't stopped moving which she was incredibly thankful for with the amazing pleasure coursing through her body. She forced herself to relax back so she wasn't trying to arch up against him, and instead spread her legs as much as she could while staying under her covers.

The move combined with his long, hard, yet slow thrusts increased her pleasure so much she gasped. She unconsciously clenched around him where he moved inside her, and in that instant he seemed to undergo a slight transformation.

He released a growl that she could barely hear but could feel perfectly as it vibrated through her body, making her tremble. The gold and whites of his eyes were swallowed by vibrant, almost glowing, red and teal, and the straight markings on his face turned jagged. Even his fangs seemed to have grown, lengthening to look like little daggers in his mouth.

She shuddered, clenching around him again in her increased pleasure, and bit her lip to muffle the loud sound that tried to come out of her mouth.

Sesshomaru rested his forehead against the miko's as he continued to gaze into her blue depths and thrust hard yet continued with his steady slowness. They had darkened considerably, so much so that to a human they would appear black, but he could see the color clearly.

The striking color never failed to attract his attention. Every time he came across her it was the first thing he noticed. After that was the color of her hair; black though it was it had blue undertones to it that always drew his eyes, and recently she had let it grow out so it was just reaching pass her back these days.

That new length along with its texture was just one of the things that drew him to her. With how often she washed it and the things she used on it the tresses were always shiny and silky looking. It had been a pleasure to find out they felt just as they looked.

Just as it is a pleasure to know her breasts feel as soft as they look. He thought as he squeezed the round soft flesh still beneath his palm.

Soft and warm. It felt nice in his hand. He still wanted to take it into his mouth and feast on it and lavish it with the attention of his tongue. He couldn't without disrupting his movements, but he could imagine doing so.

Kagome shifted her face and licked his lips and one of his fangs as well, unable to help herself, but before she could shift back she watched his red and teal eyes narrow before he returned the gesture.

His tongue swiped out and across her parted lips as she panted before he slipped inside her mouth and kissed her intensely. She hummed in pleasure but before she could really get into it and return the kiss his hips paused and he ground them against hers.

She moaned and blinked up into his eyes as he broke the kiss and pulled his tongue away. Then he pulled his hips back until his length was in danger of leaving her, and thrust forward in a long slow motion before he slammed his hips against hers at the end.

She gasped loudly, and he repeated the motion again. Her breath hitched in her throat as her eyes widened, and he once again repeated the slow thrust and hard ending. Then her eyes rolled into the back of her head and closed as her release found her.

Her inner walls clenched around him rhythmically and her back arched even as her arms and hands held his head to hers. Then to her vague surprise he moved his hand away from her breast and slipped it around her arched back to hold her to him, and his movements became more so much more.

Sesshomaru decided now that the miko was in the throes of her release he no longer needed to keep his movements quite so slow and gentle. He quickened his pace, thrusting faster as he moved back and forth inside her clenching core.

A few moments later she lifted her hips sharply against his and began to cry out. He quickly covered her mouth with his and muffled her cry of pleasure as she seemed to fall into a more intense release before her first was finished at his change of pace.

He growled into her mouth as his own release began to build and hardened his thrusts, slamming into her as much as he dared to without hurting her as he quickened his pace yet again.

The constant rippling squeezing of her tight inner walls and the heated moist feeling combined with her soft arched body pressed against his and her arms and hands holding him to her drove him absolutely wild; his desire and pleasure increasing with every passing moment and slide of his length inside her.

He growled deeply, pressing his lips harder against hers, as his release crashed through him. He moved his hips rapidly back and forth against hers, listening to her muffled cries as well as the muffled wet erotic sound of his length moving back and forth inside her and his hips against hers.

Long moments passed before Kagome relaxed her body and Sesshomaru slowed his hips. He parted his lips from hers briefly before pressing them back to hers and kissing her properly as he rocked his hips gently against hers; determined to draw out every bit of pleasure out of their fading releases.

She hummed and felt herself clench around him, her body clearly liking his return to gentle motions, as she gently stroked his silky hair with both her hands. Their tongues twisted and slid together as their lips molded around each other.

He broke their kiss slowly and looked down at her as she looked back up at him. His eyes had returned to their usual calm yet piercing gold and white, his face stripes had smoothed and straightened out, and fangs had shrunk back to their usual size.

The pair gazed at each other, the only sound coming from the low softly crackling fire, both highly aware of the fact that he was still resting inside her, but deciding to ignore it for the moment.

"This was a surprise. A very nice one, but still a surprise." Kagome said with a little smile as she stroked his cheek with her fingertips. "What brought you here? I thought you were going to be visiting the Southern Lord."

Her knowledge of his private business would have seemed strange to anyone else, but not to the two of them considering the nature of their relationship. They had been courting for a while now quietly and subtly under everyone's noses; demon and human alike.

After Kagome had returned to the past she had tried to make a go at a relationship with Inuyasha since she had still loved him and thought she would be with him, but it didn't take her long to figure out that she had matured while away and he hadn't.

Not long after that observation it became clear that they were better off as friends since, beyond his immaturity, she couldn't, and wasn't willing to, give him what he wanted, which was the life Kikyou would have given him had she not been killed the first time around.

Once it was widely known that she and Inuyasha would not be a couple, and everyone believed it and accepted it, she and Sesshomaru began to speak to each other away from the immediate confines of the village, and sometimes within her hut after he finished visiting with Rin.

This was because they found it easier to get to know each other better without everyone in their business; mostly Inuyasha interfering in his brash immature way, and her human friends cautioning her against him.

Kagome had been back in the past for a little over half a year now, and more than half of that time had been spent in covert courtship with Sesshomaru.

"I did visit him." Sesshomaru said as he tightened his arm around her, unbothered that she was now lying on it. "However, on my way home I was passing near the village and decided to satisfy a curiosity I had, and spend the night in a much more pleasing manner than I originally intended."

"Mmm..more pleasing indeed." She said with a light smirk.

Intimacy was an agreed on part of their courtship, so she and Sesshomaru had been together a number of times; growing comfortable and closer to each other, strengthening their developing bond.

"Yes." He agreed with a return smirk. They had never once been intimate inside her hut, and this night had been in turns pleasing and exciting; and just as entertaining as he had anticipated.

"This was unexpected and fun." She admitted. "We should do it again." She added on a whisper as if someone else would hear if she spoke louder.

"As in right now?" He half asked half stated with a knowing look that had her blushing.

"I don't see why not." She said softly before she glanced over to the fire. "Although I wish it wasn't a cold night."

"Do not worry my little miko." Sesshomaru said as he lowered his face to the side of hers and nuzzled her cheek. "I will keep you warm." He promised with a sultry kiss to her neck.

Before Kagome could respond she felt his youki spill out calmly from his body and surround them in a cocoon. It instantly provided a steady warmth and triggered her own powers causing her reiki to come flowing out and wrap around the cocoon protectively.

She looked around at their combined powers and, feeling comfortable with the now warm air surrounding them, returned her eyes to him as he looked down at her before she pulled his face down to hers in a kiss.

She was determined they silently act out a fantasy she had. One where they go at it hot and heavy while being as quiet as possible to not alert her neighbors who were also her well-meaning yet at times nosy friends.